The purpose of the evaluation is to assess how UNICEF and the Gavi Secretariat are performing in the implementation of all aspects covered by the MOU8 with a view to obtain insights in (i) the suitability of the arrangements for the period covered by the MOU8 and (ii) in the changing demands during Gavi’s current and next Strategic Period. The specific objectives include (i) the evaluation of the performance of UNICEF SD as a procurement agency, (ii) the evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency of the changes made to the MOU8 resulting from the earlier identified improvement initiatives, and (iii) reviewing if the design of the MOU is fit for purpose.


The evaluation used a mixed-methods approach based on the matrix of evaluation questions (see annex 2). Quantitative and qualitative data was extracted from documents and regular reporting. Quantitative data analysis was mainly performed on the specific obligations of both agencies as laid down in the MOU8 and its Annexes. The main data collection method for the qualitative aspect of the evaluation was key informant interviews with staff at the Gavi Secretariat and at UNICEF SD. In addition, the evaluation team assessed whether the CCEOP project was sufficiently mature to allow for a proper VfM analysis.


The quantitative analysis demonstrates that both UNICEF SD and Gavi adhere to a large extent to the MOU8 obligations and both agencies consider the partnership ‘very functional’. Beyond the formal obligations detailed in the MOU8 it should be recognised that UNICEF SD implements the MOU8 as expected, manages the vaccine procurement well, has the capacity and capability of addressing new and complex projects, and is, together with Gavi, able to course correct along the way. The current structure and design of the MOU8 was found to be serving its purpose, and no immediate need was identified to change or modify the MOU. The MOU provides a solid base and is found to be sufficiently flexible to cater for changes, emerging needs, and expanding portfolio.


Last updated: 17 May 2024

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