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Full list of all the events and sessions for the three days of the Partners' Forum 2012.

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StartSession TitleRoom
8:30CSO Forum 'All Together Now': civil society and GAVI partners RISE up in cooperationKibo 1
10:30Intensification of routine immunisation in South-East AsiaKibo 2
12:30ONE Award ceremony8th Floor
13:30Polio, measles and new vaccines: bridging across the interventionsKibo 1
13:30The value of vaccines in health and economic developmentKibo 2
13:30Harnessing private sector expertise for social innovationKibo 3
13:30Prospective evaluations for real-time learningBOT 1
13:30Breaking news on rotavirus and pneumococcal conjugate vaccine safety and effectiveness: AVI-TAC special studies workshopBOT 2
15:30The promise of rubella vaccines and MRKibo 1
15:30HPV vaccination and best practices in reaching adolescent girlsKibo 2
15:30National ownership of innovative supply chain technologiesKibo 3
15:30Innovative approaches to immunisation and health deliveryBOT 2
18:30Welcome ceremonyOffsite
8:00Thursday plenaryMarquee
10:30Country tailored programming workshopMarquee
10:30Speeding up the shots: the power of regional communities' collaborationZanzibar
10:30RISING up! Advocacy for immunisationKibo 1
10:30Best practice in introducing new vaccinesKibo 2
10:30Paediatrician perspectives: a booster shot for the immunisation agendaKibo 3
13:00Sustainable financing: co-financing and sustainabilityMarquee
13:00Trends in the vaccine market and health systemsZanzibar
15:00Increasing awareness for vaccines: lessons from the private sectorZanzibar
15:00Vaccines and cancer control: from Hepatitis B to HPVMarquee
15:00Measure what you manage: the data quality challengeKibo 1
15:00Understanding vaccine development, manufacturing, regulation and procurementKibo 2
15:00Building resilience in fragile statesKibo 3
17:00Graça Machel-Nelson Mandela dialogueMarquee
18:30Awards dinnerOffsite
8:00Friday plenaryMarquee
10:00GAVI graduation: achieve, share, inspireMarquee
10:00The new new vaccines: what vaccines could be coming your way in the next 5-7 years?Zanzibar
10:00Civil society: bridging communities and health systems to reach the unreachedKibo 1
10:00Country driven programmesKibo 2
10:00Implementation of the Global Vaccine Action Plan: the Decade of Vaccines CollaborationKibo 3
12:30Reaching the unreached: putting equity at the heart of immunisationMarquee
12:30Political will for health and immunisationZanzibar
14:30Vaccine market dynamics: perspectives for accessible and reliable supplyMarquee
14:30From important to essential: routine immunisation, the GAVI Alliance and polio eradicationZanzibar
14:30Faith and the drive for equity in immunisationKibo 1
14:30Preventing malaria: how might malaria vaccines complement other interventions?Kibo 2
14:30The role of technology transfer in sustainable access to vaccine innovation: conditions for successKibo 3
16:30Closing plenaryMarquee


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