• Partners' Forum Session Summaries

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  • Each day, we will be posting here more details on the contents of each session at the Partners' Forum

  • The four themes of the Partners' Forum are Results, Innovation, Sustainability and Equity.
    See below for more detail on how each day's discussions break down by theme.

  • 07 December 2012

    R I S E Summary Friday 07 December 2012

    The final day of the 5th GAVI Alliance Partners’ Forum ended with the strong message that innovation needs to be actively encouraged and facilitated. Equitable access to immunisation and particularly the role of relevant partners in achieving equity were the topics of several panels and a plenary session.

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    06 December 2012

    R I S E Summary Thursday 06 December 2012

    “If you were just called because your child was dying, you would run out of this room to take care of him! We need to get the same sense of urgency for the work we do!” declared Graça Machel as she challenged GAVI partners to get urgent results. Read about this and more in Thursday's summary.

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    05 December 2012

    R I S E Summary Wednesday 05 December 2012

    The first day of the GAVI partner’s forum was rich in discussion about results, innovations in immunisation services delivery, the sustainability of vaccine investments and the issue of equity was discussed in a variety of fora.

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