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Gavi’s online country portal: easier for countries to apply, report and renew Gavi support.

Gavi’s new online country portal ensures that each country has quick and easy access to up-to-date information about its portfolio of Gavi support. Countries can apply for new funding support, and from March 2016, report on their performance and provide key data for renewals.

Who has access?

Access to the Gavi country portal is by log-in only. Users of the portal include in-country and regional stake­holders involved in reporting on performance, developing and submitting grant applications and requesting renewals.

How does the portal improve the way Gavi works with implementing partners?

The portal improves how Vaccine Alliance partners can assess performance, pinpoint areas of need, and address challenges to strengthening immunisation. Here are some highlights:

  • User-friendly interface: that works even in low connectivity settings.
  • Streamlined data entry: wherever possible, the portal uses existing data to pre-populate Gavi forms, reducing the amount of information countries have to input. Country-reported data automatically appears in all relevant sections of the portal.
  • Year-round access: countries can input data and information according to their national grant cycles.
  • Auto-save: the portal auto-saves, reducing the risk of data loss if the internet connection is lost.
  • Improved transparency: Gavi stakeholders have instant access to the latest country information.
  • Customised content: users can customise how they view information. For example, by country or type of grant.

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Who to contact

For any questions regarding the portal please contact or the Gavi Senior Country Manager.


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