To improve immunisation coverage and equity, we need to invest in new approaches in key areas. PEF provides targeted investments to partners to foster innovative solutions.

Gavi’s strategic focus areas (SFAs) for the 2016–2020 period include:

  • immunisation supply chains;
  • data quality, availability and use;
  • in-country leadership, management and coordination;
  • demand promotion;
  • in-country political will; and
  • financial and programmatic sustainability.

As of March 2017, targeted investments have been made in data, supply chain and sustainability.


The data SFA aims to improve the availability, quality and use of data to boost immunisation coverage and equity. It defines three areas of focus for Gavi’s investments.

  • Immunisation delivery, coverage and equity: improving the availability, quality and use of data.
  • Vaccine-preventable disease surveillance: strengthening the country surveillance systems and creation of networks.
  • Vaccine safety: identifying adverse events following immunisation, then investigating and responding effectively.


Strong supply chains are critical for countries to deliver immunisation effectively and efficiently. The SFA on supply chain allows Gavi to implement its immunisation supply chain strategy. Five “fundamentals” lie at the core of this strategy.

  • Supply chain leadership:  focused technical assistance, tools and training to staff at all levels of the health system.
  • Continuous improvement and planning: guidance to countries on the effective vaccine management (EVM) approach. The EVM provides tools to help countries monitor and assess their vaccine supply chains.
  • Supply chain data for management: guidance on data standards and use to help countries develop their own dashboards of supply chain indicators and targets.
  • Cold chain equipment: support to help countries modernise cold chains.
  • Supply chain system design: support for countries that are redesigning their supply chains.


Through this SFA, WHO and the World Bank help countries plan for their transition out of Gavi support. 

They also support countries to better plan and budget for immunisation costs, and to increase political will through advocacy activities.

Last updated: 19 Feb 2020

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