Gavi is a multi-cultural organisation with over 70 nationalities based in Geneva and Washington DC.

Diversity is a key driver of innovation and creativity. We are also committed to gender; half of our executive leaders are women.

In addition to our commitment to equal salary to men and women, gender equality is a top priority in our country programmes where we actively identify opportunities to improve equal access to vaccines and address barriers that hinder mothers to vaccinate their children.


Our six core values guide our work at Gavi: teamwork, respect, openness, accountability, innovation and country-driven, which means that we put the Gavi-supported countries at the centre of everything we do.


Gavi is committed to creating a work environment that is safe and professional. Our policies inform all employees of expected behaviours and ethical standards, in order to ensure that everyone is treated with courtesy and respect.​

Gavi is the first global health organisation to obtain the equal salary certification by the Equal Salary Foundation.

Equal Salary Certificate

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