Gavi Board minutes 2010

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The Gavi Board, which establishes all policies, oversees the operations of the Vaccine Alliance and monitors programme implementation, held meetings in Geneva and Kigali in 2010 as well as three teleconferences

List of all 2010 Board meetings with links to full minutes, the decisions and downloads of 'Final Minutes' documents:

21 September 2010

No-Objection Consent 

The Board approved the 2009 financial statements. 

7 September 2010

Electronic Consent  

The Board appointed new Board members and new committee members. 

13 August 2010


The Board noted its appreciation for departing CEO Julian Lob-Levyt, appointed Helen Evans as interim CEO, and started work on recruitment of a new CEO.

16 - 17 June 2010

Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland 

The Board approved a strategy for 2011-2015.  In addition, it approved the Pilot Prioritisation Mechanism, Programme Funding System, resource envelope for Cash-Based programmes, and Board gender guidelines.

20 April 2010


The Board took decisions on the Health Systems Funding Platform and added new Board members.

19 March 2010


At this short conference call, the Board added new Board members.

>279 million

By the end of 2017, 21 countries in the African meningitis belt had immunised over 279 million people against meningitis A through Gavi-supported campaigns. Seven countries had introduced the vaccine into their national immunisation systems.

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