Cuba documents

Approved proposals

All eligible countries are invited to submit proposals for Gavi support. 

Proposal for HSS support: Cuba

Proposal for INS support: Cuba

Proposal for NVS - IPV support: Cuba

Proposal for NVS - IPV support: Cuba [Spanish]

Country co-financing information sheet

The country-specific co-financing sheets provide up-to-date information on countries’ eligibility status, co-financing fulfilment and requirements. They also give a summary of government health expenditure, including immunisation financing.

Specifically, the sheets provide a history of the Gavi-supported vaccines introduced per country, the country’s co-financing payments to date and its co-financing requirements for the current year. In case the country has defaulted on its co-financing requirements, there is an overview of the co-financing arrears of the previous year. Finally, the sheets provide co-financing projections for the next five years based on our latest forecasts.

The information sheets are updated at least twice per year to account for new information on countries’ co-financing fulfilment (in the first quarter) and eligibility status (in the third quarter).

Co-financing information sheet Cuba

Decision Letters and Partnerships Agreement

The Decision Letter or Partnership Framework Agreement provides a summary of the details of the new approval or continuation of a Gavi window of support, following the independent review of a new application or annual progress report submitted by a country.

Decision Letter NVS and Devices Cuba 2016

Decision Letter NVS Cuba 2015

Decision Letter NVS, Devices Cuba 2017 [Spanish]

Targeted country assistance plans

Targeted country assistance (TCA) are resources provided to in-country partners under Gavi’s partners’ engagement framework (PEF). A country’s TCA plan is based on needs expressed by the country during the joint appraisal discussions. It includes sets of activities, milestones and budget for a given year.

Targeted country assistance plan Cuba 2017 [Spanish]

Annual progress reports

All eligible countries are invited to submit proposals for Gavi support. 

Annual progress report Cuba 2005

Annual progress report Cuba 2006

Annual progress report Cuba 2007

Annual progress report Cuba 2014

Annual progress report Cuba 2014 [Spanish]

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