The Board is comprised of 18 “representative” seats, 9 seats for independent or “unaffiliated” individuals and one seat for Gavi's CEO. The Board’s representative seats ensure that institutions and constituencies can provide formal input into the development of all Gavi’s policies and the management of its operations.

UNICEF, WHO, the World Bank and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hold permanent seats on the Board. Constituency representatives serve on a time-limited basis.

Independent Board members are private individuals with no professional connection to Gavi’s work. They bring independent and balanced scrutiny to all of the Board’s deliberations. These individuals also provide expertise in a number of critical areas such as investment, auditing and fundraising.

Two-thirds of the voting members of the Board are representatives from key Vaccine Alliance partner institutions and stakeholders (each such representative a “representative Board member”) and one third of its voting members are independent (or unaffiliated) individuals who are appointed in their personal capacity on the basis of their skills and networks.

Board members are appointed by the existing Board members subject to and in accordance with the statutes and Operating Procedures.

Alternate Board members

Each eligible organisation and eligible constituency shall be entitled to designate one person per Board member as an “alternate Board member”. An Alternate Board member is entitled to act as a Board member in lieu of the representative Board member. The Alternate Board member is also appointed by existing Board members subject to and in accordance with the Operating Procedures.

Both Board members and alternates are invited to attend the Board meetings. At least one of them should attend to ensure representation of their constituency.


Observers may attend the Board meeting or a Committee meeting with the permission of the relevant Chair. Observers are not allowed to take part in the discussions unless invited by the Chair.


Last updated: 21 Sep 2020

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