Anahit Avanesyan

Minister of Healthcare, Armenia

Anahit Avanesyan has over 15 years of experience in the legal and regulatory fields in the public and private sectors, as well as in governance and management.

She was appointed as Minister of Healthcare in January 2021 from her previous position as First Deputy Minister of Health. She started working in governance of the health sector in 2018 assuming the position of Deputy Minister. Ms Avanesyan is specialised in legal and regulatory issues, including in policy and regulatory frameworks of pharmaceutical products. She has experience in working as a Director and a Board member of the “Arpharmacia” CJSC company (2014-2018). Ms Avaneysan held various positions working as a Director and a Legal Adviser for a number of private and public institutions, starting her career as a lawyer at the Legal Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and later as a Legal Adviser to the State Reserve Agency (2000-2002).

Ms Avanesyan has vast experience in working with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs). She was the Legal Adviser to the “Democracy Today” NGO (2005-2015) and is a strong supporter of women’s participation in governance. She took part in numerous initiatives that promoted women’s rights and the participation of young women in particular.

Ms Avanesyan studied at Yerevan State University, specialising in Civil Law and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Law. She successfully completed the Master’s Programme in Law at the American University of Armenia In 2004.

Last updated: 31 Mar 2021

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