Population growth and an ever-increasing range of vaccines are ramping up the pressure on developing countries’ immunisation systems. Yet many supply chains have not been updated in decades. This has led to severe inefficiencies causing vaccine wastage, reduced potency and unvaccinated children.

Reaching every child with vaccines requires new, transformative solutions. That is why we leverage business and industry’s operational expertise, thought-leadership and innovation to ensure no-one misses out on life-saving vaccines.


Gavi’s operational partnerships go beyond fundraising. Through a “shared value” approach, our partnerships draw on private sector expertise to advance health and development objectives.

We work to ensure that all our operational partnerships are market-driven, mutually beneficial, aligned with each partner’s core business strategy, scalable and sustainable.


Our operational partnerships leverage private sector know-how and technology to address three bottlenecks to immunisation delivery.

  • Immunisation supply chains
    Together with our partners, we train supply chain managers and support energy-efficient technology to improve vaccine delivery.
  • Data management
    We work with partners to improve access to and management of quality data. This allows countries to track patients, births, unimmunised children and vaccine stocks.
  • Demand generation
    We leverage partners’ advocacy and social mobilisation skills to raise awareness of and demand for vaccines.


Freight in Time, United Parcel Service (UPS), Vodafone, Zipline  

For information about individual investments, please see our donor profiles.  

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Launched at Davos in 2016, Innovation for Uptake, Scale and Equity in Immunisation (INFUSE) seeks tried and tested innovations that have potential to improve vaccine delivery. It then “infuses” them with capital and expertise to help take them to scale.

Last updated: 26 Jan 2022

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