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Innovation to improve immunisation systems’ data availability, quality and usage

2016 Call

Quality data is fundamental to help protect vulnerable populations from illness, disease outbreaks and pandemics. In its inaugural year, INFUSE 2016's call for innovation was to help Gavi-supported countries overcome barriers to vaccine delivery by accelerating access to innovations designed to improve data availability, quality and usage.


From the initial 70 innovations submitted for consideration, INFUSE invited 18 to participate in the first INFUSE Workshop. This allowed innovators to draw on feedback from the wider INFUSE community to refine their pitches.

The INFUSE review panel then selected seven of the most promising innovations to receive direct Gavi and partner support.

The most promising innovations were selected as INFUSE 2016 Pacesetters

    An electronic immunization registry that links to live stock management and automates SMS reminders and availability to patients.
    An innovative immunisation registry established with culturally appropriate digital, medical, wearable passport for children.
    Leverages electricity from remote mobile phone base stations to power and extend the vaccine cold chain infrastructure.
    ColdTrace protects vaccines from malfunctioning fridges by sending actionable alerts, like custom SMS messages, if temperature risks exist.
    IRD pioneers an innovative and reliable tracking service to monitor field workers using phones and leveraging online mapping service.
    Platform to drive the deployment of data-driven solutions by communicating insights from aggregated data to decision makers and equipping them with toolkits to achieve results.
    MyChild System bypasses connectivity issues through Smart Paper Technology, and connects children in remote locations to an electronic immunisation registry.
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