GAVI Progress Report heralds 10th anniversary

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2009 edition marks a decade of impressive vaccine delivery and unprecedented country demand for vaccines

Geneva, 16 June 2010 - Despite the backdrop of a global financial crisis, GAVI received a record number of applications for funding from low-income countries in 2009, according to the latest edition of the Alliance's annual Progress Report.

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The GAVI Alliance 2009 Progress Report, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of GAVI's establishment, paints a picture of unprecedented level of developing country commitment and ownership of GAVI programmes.

Almost 90 percent of countries expected to co-finance from January to December last year achieved their objective.

By the end of last year, 5.4 million future deaths had been prevented and over 250 million additional children vaccinated, thanks to GAVI support.

While predictions of major cuts in support in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis failed to materialise, the Report points out that without additional funding, GAVI will not be able to address the main childhood killers, pneumonia and diarrhoea. For a quick summary of GAVI's key results in 2009, read on.

Accelerating vaccines

  • By the end of 2009, over five million future deaths have been prevented with GAVI-funded vaccines.
  • DTP3 immunisation coverage in GAVI-eligible countries projected at 79% - the highest level ever in the developing world.
  • Country demand for new vaccines continues to rise, with 15 countries applying for pneumococcal vaccine and 8 for rotavirus vaccine.
  • Pentavalent vaccine, protecting against five deadly diseases, is introduced in 18 additional developing countries.

Strengthening capacity

  • Evaluation and tracking study show early results from health system strengthening (HSS) grants.
  • GAVI, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and the World Bank jointly develop new coordinated health systems funding platform.
  • Three donors - UK, Norway and Australia - pledge a total of almost US$ 1 billion for HSS.
  • New Transparency and Accountability Policy helps manage risk in cash grant programmes.

Increase predictability

  • Four IFFIm bond issuances in Japan and the UK raise over US$ 1 billion.
  • Advance Market Commitment pilot for pneumococcal vaccine becomes operational with the signing of legal documents.
  • Over 40 of the world's poorest countries co-financing vaccines, many at higher levels than required.
  • Pentavalent vaccine price drop of almost US$ 0.50 per dose will enable GAVI's partners to immunise many more children.

Adding value

  • First full year of operation for consolidated, more efficient governance structure.
  • The GAVI Alliance is recognised as an international organisation under Swiss law.
  • Fourth GAVI Alliance Partners' Forum attracts over 400 participants.
  • Civil society organisations sign Hanoi Call to Action for increased engagement in GAVI governance and programmes.

The Annexes in the Progress Report provide a clear and comprehensive overview of how GAVI is governed, funded and operated. These include: the GAVI Alliance governance structure, donor contributions and commitments and Board approvals for programme expenditure 2000-2009.

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