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  • Browse through the Gavi publications library that includes fact sheets, annual progress reports, powerpoint presentations, technical updates, research and partner materials.

  • Gavi 2016-2020 Mid-Term Review report

    Gavi 2016-2020 Mid-Term Review report

    New 20–page publication released ahead of Gavi’s Mid-Term Review meeting in the United Arab Emirates (10–11 December 2018). Key topics include:

    • Progress on Gavi’s '2016–2020 Investment Opportunity' goals
    • Remaining challenges: how the Alliance is adapting to change
    • The future: beyond 2020

    Download full report | Executive Summary 

    Visit the Gavi Mid-Term Review website 

  • Gavi in 30 slides

    Basic Gavi presentation

    PowerPoint presentation telling the story of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

    Download the presentation 

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