A New Era of Vaccine Manufacturing in Africa

WHITE PAPER | 22 June 2022

One of the prominent issues exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic is the urgent need to further diversify global vaccine manufacturing, particularly with regards to Africa. With the political realities of nationalism, trade barriers, and the absence of regional manufacturing capability and capacity, rapid and equitable global access to life-saving vaccines can be compromised, leading to delays that put lives at risk.


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Taking stock of humanitarian access to pandemic vaccines


COVAX was launched in 2020 with equity as its foundational principle, and fundamental to its design from the outset was a vision to address the most unpredictable and hardest to fill gaps in global COVID-19 vaccine access.


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25 September 2020

An analysis of sovereign debt and economic risks from COVID-19 in Gavi-supported countries

An analysis of sovereign debt levels in Gavi-supported countries, and the impact of COVID-19 on their economies.

Last updated: 23 Jun 2022

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