26 October 2020

Multi-stakeholder dialogue missions tracking sheet

The objective of this document is to inform external parties on the dates of the Multi-stakeholder dialogue, whether this are happening “virtually” or in-country. It will be updated on weekly basis.

8 October 2020

Geographic information systems and immunisation landscape

Exploring current approaches to leaving no child behind with immunisation by harnessing geospatial technologies and GIS to improve immunisation coverage and equity in low- and middle-income countries.

7 October 2020

03 COVAX Facility CEO presentation pdf

Classified as Internal
Sept 30 Extraordinary Board
COVAX Facility
Seth Berkley, CEO
Board meeting
29 -30 September 2020
Classified as Internal
COVAX Facility
latest sign -up
Update: SEPT 30
76 higher income economies have now joined the COVAX Facility covering >1 B
people with 47 individual commitments + 29 from ?Team Europe?
Combined with AMC92, this means a total of 168 economies , representing nearly two -
thirds of the global population , are now committed to or eligible to receive vaccines
through the Facility
A further 25 economies still indicating they will sign on as soon as they can = up to 193
Current SFP volume is 444M and it is expected to increase by ~35% with the added
subscription, reaching a total of 601 M doses
With 92 AMC economies representing 3.9 B people, COVAX Facility could provide for
5.8 B people and a total volume of 1.7 B doses

7 October 2020

03 COVAX Facility Operationalisation and Vaccine Programme pdf


Board -2020 -Mtg -5-Doc 03

Section A: Summary
In July 2020 , the Gavi Board approved Gavi as the legal entity to administer the
COVAX Facility (the ? Facility ?), a global mechanism to pool resources and demand
for COVID -19 vaccines with the goal of accelerating the availability of and equitable
access to safe and e fficacious vaccines. The Board also approved the
establishment of the Gavi COVAX AMC (the ? COVAX AMC ?), a financing
mechanism to accelerate and reserve COVID -19 vaccines to ensure that low
income and lower middle -income economies, as well as other IDA -elig ible
economies , have access to COVID -19 vaccines at the same time as wealthier
economies .
The COVAX Facility will have global participation of over 170 economies
representing over 70% of the world?s population. As this paper is being written,
self -financi ng economies have begun to provide their legally binding agreements
which include upfront funding to reserve doses with manufacturers now. This will
allow the Facility to build an actively managed portfolio of 10 -15 vaccine candidates
based upon diverse technologies and geographies to maximise the chance of a
successful outcome and accelerate access with up to two billion doses by end of
2021. The COV AX Facility will shape the vaccine market to expand supply and
achieve economies of scale through aggregating demand and increasing
availability simultaneously in developed and developing countries.
Without a successful COVAX Facility there is a very real risk that lower income
countries will be left behind, and the majority of people in the world will go
unprotected. This would allow the virus and the pandemic to continue unabated
and continue to disrupt the global economy as well as Gavi ?s core mission . The
Gavi Secretariat, including the Office of the COVAX Facility , under the guidance of
the Board, must find the right balance to safe guard the reputation and finances of
the Alliance and successfully deliver on the promise of the Facility. To this end, the
COVAX Facility is designed to ensure the procurement and governance needs of
both Self -Financing Participants (?SFP?) and 92 COVAX AMC -eligible economies
(?AMC92?) are adequately addressed whilst minimising risks to Gavi core
resources and programmes.

Agenda item: 03
Category: For Decision
Report to the Board
29 -30 September 2020

7 October 2020

03 Annex H ToRs of the Independent Product Group pdf

Doc 03 ? Annex H

Classified as Internal

September 2020

1. Pur pos e
The Independent Product Group (?IPG?) is established to make recommendations to the Office
of the COVAX Facility on the inclusion of vaccines in the COVAX Facility, regularly review the
COVAX Facility portfolio for balance and review updates on timing and availability of doses and
consider any implications for the COVAX Facility portfolio.
The IPG is not deemed to be a committee of the Board in that its primary role is essentially an
advisory function as contemplated under Article 20 of the Statues. As outlined in these Terms of
Reference the IPG does not have decision -making powers. The aim of the IPG review process is
to make a recomm endation to the Office of the COVAX Facility on vaccine candidate
prioritisation and portfolio balance. Once the Office of the COVAX Facility has negotiated the
ensuing deal terms, taking into consideration independent technical advice from the
Procurement Reference Group (PRG), the deal is then considered by the Market Sensitive
Decisions Committee.
Words and expressions used in this Terms of Reference shall, unless the context requires
otherwise, have the meaning attributed to them in the Board and Commit tee Operating
2. Membership
The membership, resources, responsibilities and authorities of the IPG to perform its role
effectively is stipulated in th ese Terms of Reference which may be amended as an d when
required or deemed necessary.
A. Compositio n and size
The composition of the IPG shall allow it to function efficiently and effectively in fulfilling its
functions and responsibilities. The composition of the IPG is intended to comprise individuals
suitably competent in the affairs and issues falli ng within the Terms of Reference so as to be
able to provide the Office of the COVAX Facility with sound advice on matters set out in this
Terms of Reference.
The IPG shall comprise not less than five persons and no more than fifteen comprising members
and observers. A majority of the IPG members shall comprise independent scientific and

7 October 2020

04 Review of decisions No paper pdf


Board -2020 -Mtg -5-Doc 04
Report to the Board
29 -30 September 20 20

Agenda item: 04
No paper
Last updated: 8 Oct 2020

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