Yellow Fever Laboratory Diagnostic Capacity: public summary (2020)

In November 2018, the Gavi Board approved allocation of USD 13.5 million as funding to support a three-year multi-faceted programme to improve Yellow Fever laboratory capacity in Africa during 2019-2021. This document is the public summary of the…

Gavi Base Demand Forecast

The Base Demand Forecast summarises actual and forecasted volumes for eleven vaccines that Gavi supports. The volumes presented are from the demand forecast used to inform the Gavi Financial forecast.

07 Malaria vaccine pilots WHO pdf

Malaria Vaccine Pilot Implementation and Long - term Supply
Vaccinated in Malawi on 23 April 2019
Abigail Blessing
Vaccinated in Ghana on 30 April 2019
Vaccinated in Kenya on 13 Sept 2019

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