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13 October 2021

04 COVAX Key strategic issues pdf
Aur?lia Nguyen, Marie -Ange Saraka -Yao,
Thabani Maphosa
28 September 2021, Virtual Meeting
1. COVAX Update and 2022 Vision
2. Update on Brokerage, Resell and Exchange
Update on SFP2.0
COVAX Delivery Update
5. COVAX Resource Mobilisation Update
6. Discussion
Board meeting
28 September 2021

13 October 2021

00b Agenda pdf

Board -2021-Mtg-3-Doc 00b
Classified as Restricted

G avi Alliance Board Meeting
28 September 2021 , Virtual Meeting

Tuesday 28 September : 14.00 -18.30 Geneva Time
Quorum: 14

A genda revised

Item Sub ject Action Schedule

1 Chair?s report
? Declarations of interest
Jos ? Manuel Barroso , Board Chair
14.00 -14. 15
2 Introductory remarks: CEO
Seth Berkley, Chief Executive Officer
14 .15 -14.25
3 Gavi 5 .0: An overview of key issues
Anura dha Gupta, Depu ty C EO
14.25 -14.45
Discussion and Q &A 14.45 -15. 30
Break 15.30 -15.45
4 COVAX : Key Strategic Issue s (incl. reports from Co-Chairs of
COVAX AMC Engage ment Group and COVAX Share holders
Council )
Aur ?lia Nguyen, Managing Director , Offi ce of the COVAX Facility ;
Marie -Ange Saraka Yao, Managing Di rector, Re sou rce
Mobilisation, Private Sector Partnerships & In novative Finance
15.45 -18.15
5 Closing remarks
Jos ? Manu el Barroso , Board Chai r
18.1 5-18.30

Ne xt Board Meeting s: 1-2 December 202 1
6-7 April 2022 (Board Retreat )
22 -23 June 2022
7-8 D ecember 20 22 ---
Brend a Killen , Directo r, Governance and Secre tary t o the Board, +41 22 9 09 6 680, bkill en
Jo anne Goetz , Head, Governance, + 41 22 909 6544, jgoetz@gavi.o rg
Please no te that th e Board meeting w ill be recorded. This r ecording will be used as an aid to minute the meeting .
A transcr iptio n of the fu ll proceedings will not normally be made. Shou ld a transcription be made it wil l be us ed
only as an aid to minute the meeti ng .

13 October 2021

01a Declarations of interest pdf

Bo ard -2021-Mt g-3-Doc 0 1a

Gavi Alliance Board Meeting
28 September 202 1
Virtual Meeting
Quorum: 1 4
Declarations of Interest

Section 5.5 of the Conflicts of Interest Policy for Governance Bodies states ?Members
involved in decisio n-makin g processes on b eha lf of Gavi must take appropriate action to
ensure disclosure of Interests and Conflicts of Inter est, and take the necessary action in
respect thereof.?
Section 6.2 of the Conflicts of Interest Policy for Governance Bodies further states , ?T he duty
to d isc lose [in 6.1 above] is a continuing obligation. This means that Members are obliged to
disclose any Interests and/or Conflict of Interest, whenever the Member comes to know the
relevant matter.?
The following declarations were made b y me mbers of the Bo ard on their most recent annual
statements .
Board members:
Member Org anisational Interest s

Financial/Personal/Advisor Int /

Jos? Manuel Barroso , Chair


Goldman Sachs I nter national
(Chairman and Non -Executive
Director -Advisor ); Princeton
University - Princeton School of
Public Policy, LISD, (Non
Residen t Fellow ); Catholic
Unive rsity o f Portugal (Visiting
Professor ); Centre fo r Euro pean
Stu die s (Director) ; Graduate
Insti tute of International and
Development Studies -Geneva,
(Visiting Professor ); The
EUROPEAUM (Board Member );
WPL -Women Political Leaders
(Advisory Board Member ); Je an
Monn et Foundation for Europe
(Honorary Committee Member );
Eur ope an C entre for C ulture,
(Honorary Co -President );
Portuguese Diaspora Council
(Chairman General Assembly );
Bilderberg Meetings (Steering
Committee Member ); Concordia
(Leade rship Member Council );
Wo rld Lea dership Alliance - Club
de Madrid (Member ); Teatro Real
Ma drid (Internation al Council
member ); Royal Institute of
International Affairs (Chattam

13 October 2021

00a Document list pdf

Board -2021-Mtg -3-Doc 00a

G avi Alliance Board Meeting
28 September 202 1
Virtual Meeting

Tues day 28 September : 14.00-18.30 Geneva Time
Quor um: 14

Document list

No. Document
00a Document list
00b Agenda
01a Declarations of interest
02 CEO?s Report - To follow
03 Strat egy, Programmes and Partnerships: Progress, Risks and Challenges - No paper
04 a COVAX: Key Strategic Issues
04b COVAX : Resource Mobilisa tion Update
05 Closing remarks ? No paper

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