The Vaccine Investment Strategy (VIS) is Gavi’s evidence-driven process for identifying new and under-used vaccines of the highest importance to Gavi-supported countries and with the greatest need for financial support. The VIS allows Gavi to take stock of the vaccine landscape to assess the cost, impact, value, and programmatic feasibility of relevant products. It informs the Board of the various options for future investments, compares those options with each other and with existing investments, including trade-offs and opportunities for synergy. The VIS also provides partners, manufacturers, and Gavi-supported countries with key information to support planning over a longer time horizon.

Gavi is beginning the development of VIS 2024. Following an 18-month evidence-driven prioritisation process, the Gavi Board will make final investment decisions in June 2024. VIS 2024 will include new vaccines and passive immunisation products anticipated to be available by 2030, as well as potential incremental investments for the existing Gavi portfolio and recommendations on vaccine prioritization, particularly in a post-pandemic context.   

Gavi is seeking expressions of interest from independent subject matter experts to join a VIS Steering Committee to provide technical and strategic guidance and oversight throughout this process. Country-level experience will be particularly valued.

The VIS Steering Committee will be convened to provide expert advice across multiple perspectives and deliberations and will provide technical input into the development of Gavi Secretariat’s recommendations to the Programme and Policy Committee (PPC) and Gavi Board. The Steering Committee will:

  • Provide guidance on the strategic questions, methodology and process for the VIS
  • Provide guidance on the evaluation framework, criteria, and weightings developed by the Secretariat and vetted in internal and other external consultations
  • Validate assumptions and outputs of analyses and models for each disease/vaccine, to ensure rigour and relevance for Gavi/Gavi-supported countries
  • Provide guidance on synthesis of analytical outputs and stakeholder consultations
  • Facilitate buy-in on emerging recommendations prior to Gavi Board and PPC touchpoints

We are currently looking for up to 8 independent experts to join the VIS Steering Committee, with diverse and global expertise in the following areas:

  • Infectious disease epidemiology/vaccine-preventable disease control (including non-immunisation interventions and AMR)
  • Health impact analysis/modelling and economic impact modelling of immunisation
  • Economic evaluation and tools for prioritisation of investments
  • Vaccine implementation and service delivery across different immunisation platforms and contexts, including fragile and conflict settings
  • Vaccine research and development/product development
  • Health financing and planning, including national immunisation programme financing
  • Pandemic preparedness and response
  • Familiarity with Gavi programmes and policies

The deadline for submissions of applications is Wednesday 3 October 2022. Applications including a CV and short expression of interest should be sent to Please share this announcement with your networks.

Further information is available here

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