Joint statement describes vaccination through the Alliance as cost-effective way to save children's lives


Mobile immunisation clinic in Manhica province, Mozambique. Copyright: Eva-Lotta Jansson/GAVI/2012

Stockholm, 4 September 2013 - United States President Barack Obama and the prime ministers of the Nordic countries underlined their collective commitment to supporting vaccination through the GAVI Alliance in a joint statement issued on Wednesday after a high-level meeting in Stockholm.

"We agree that vaccination through GAVI represents one of the most cost-effective approaches to save children's lives. ...Together, we envision a unified post-2015 agenda that addresses poverty, inclusive growth, and sustainability in clear, ambitious, and measurable goals," said the joint statement, in which the prime ministers of Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden and the US President also addressed development and humanitarian aid together with other global issues. 

Leaders in development assistance

"As leaders in providing development assistance, we agree on the strategic, economic, and moral imperative of global development and humanitarian aid. We are committed to aggressive efforts to accelerate achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The MDGs continue to be a symbol of our common humanity and a statement of the world's commitment to eradicating extreme poverty and … combating disease … extending hope and opportunity to billions across the world." 

The statement was agreed at a joint meeting between the Nordic leaders and President Obama who is visiting Sweden from 4-5 September en route to the Group of 20 economic summit in Russia. It is the first-ever bilateral visit by an incumbent US president to the country. 

Mid-Term Review

The United States and Nordic countries are critical donors in the fight against vaccine-preventable diseases. 

On 30 October, the Swedish Government will co-host GAVI's Mid-Term Review meeting when more than 150 partners, including donors, developing countries, civil society and vaccine manufacturers, will gather in Stockholm to take stock of the Alliance's progress in increasng developing country access to life-saving vaccines.

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