Our business model is built on the principle of empowering developing countries to take the lead in applying for support, managing development grants and, ultimately, financing their own immunisation programmes.

Developing country members are a key constituency in the Vaccine Alliance. Five members, usually health ministers, represent Gavi-supported countries on our Board.

The Board members gather views from their peers to ensure that developing countries' needs and perspectives on immunisation are always at the forefront of Gavi policy-making and priorities.

Developing country Board members feed knowledge and best practice back to their constituencies, helping to spread the word about the value of vaccination and steadily increase global levels of immunisation coverage.

I strongly believe in the virtues of vaccination, not only to protect the life and health of children but also to allow my country to have a better economic future.

Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, President, Republic of Mali


The growing support for the co-financing of vaccines among developing countries is essential to the long-term sustainability of immunisation programmes that we support.

Guyana took the lead in 2009 by becoming the first country to transition out of Gavi support and take over the full cost of their pentavalent vaccine programme. In 2017, country co-financing of Gavi vaccines totalled US$ 136 million.

Last updated: 17 Feb 2020

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