Gavi Immunisation Supply Chain Strategy (iSC) for 2021–2025

Gavi’s new iSC strategy strives towards a vision of strong supply chains that enable the delivery of potent life-saving vaccines to every person when needed, no matter where they live. The strategy provides a holistic and ambitious approach for supply chain improvements, to strengthen the immunisation supply chains, help respond to COVID-19 and future pandemics and emergencies, achieve and measure better results and build a strong foundation for the future.

Immunisation Supply Chain Strategy Theory of Change

An overview of the Gavi Immunisation Supply Chain Strategy (iSC) for 2021–2025.

Materials and resources

Short overview

A short overview of the Gavi Immunisation Supply Chain Strategy.

Short summary

A short summary of the Gavi Immunisation Supply Chain Strategy.

Full strategy

For full details of the Gavi Immunisation Supply Chain Strategy.

Who does this impact?


  • developing country-specific iSC improvement strategies
  • advocacy to partner agencies to prioritise iSC strengthening

Civil society & academia

  • monitoring the quality and value of iSC services
  • advocating and lobbying parliament for support

Gavi Secretariat

  • evaluating investment priorities and monitoring performance
  • flexibly guiding investments according to need


  • defining the priorities, scale and scope of support
  • articulating iSC work stream proposals to donors

Private sector iSC service providers

  • design and development of products and services
  • standardisation of services across service providers
Last updated: 12 Aug 2022

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