Gavi's first evaluation report sought to identify and learn from the successes and weaknesses of Gavi's first phase (2000-2006). In particular, Abt Associates, the independent consultants charged with conducting the evaluation, underlined three objectives:

  1. to understand how well Gavi has evolved and learned from experience over the period 2000-2006;
  2. to contribute to the refinement or adjustment of Gavi policies in the next strategic phase of work;
  3. to document the impact and to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of Gavi's use of resources during Phase 1.

After its completion, the report was reviewed by the Gavi Evaluation Steering Committee and discussed by the Gavi in March 2009.


  • Gavi significantly increased access to immunisation, and expanded use of new vaccines through its support to immunisation programs in recipient countries;
  • Gavi and its partners were successful in positioning immunisation as a centerpiece in international development;
  • Gavi's improvements in forecasting and procurement mechanisms, and its long-term funding did attract additional vaccine suppliers, although they were not pre-qualified until after Phase 1;
  • Gavi pursued innovative approaches to address challenging problems. For example, the Accelerated Development and Introduction Plans (ADIPs) were successful in compiling the disease burden data to support introduction of new vaccines, and advocating for their use;
  • A true partnership emerged not only among the Alliance's most senior leaders in setting broad principles, but among the technical staff of partner organisations, who worked together in policy setting, and at regional and country level to support implementation.
  • Gavi made full use of its unique flexibility in accessing funds to raise global immunization funding to unprecedented levels: the International Finance Facility for Immunisation (IFFIm) secured US$ 1.23 billion of new funding for Gavi, while the Advance Market Commitment (AMC) provided US$ 1.5 billion for pneumococcal vaccines, as well as an innovative approach for managing supply and pricing;
  • Gavi facilitated great leaps in coordination and consensus building; the Alliance is credited with creating a spirit of collaboration and a cohesive immunisation agenda.
Last updated: 11 Dec 2019

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