To ensure improved learning from and accountability of HSS grants, Gavi commissioned its first HSS meta-review in 2015. The review covers all 14 country HSS evaluations completed in the 2013–2015 period. Findings from the review will help inform future HSS grants as well as other types of Gavi support.

The objectives of the HSS meta-review are to:

  • synthesise findings regarding Gavi HSS grants (including relevance, implementation, effectiveness, efficiency, results and sustainability) and assess their robustness;
  • assess the extent to which Gavi HSS grants have complemented other resources at the country level (if information is available);
  • assess the extent to which challenges identified have been addressed through modifications to Gavi’s approach to HSS over time and make recommendations for additional improvements; and
  • help countries and the Vaccine Alliance in their ongoing efforts to improve the HSS support window, with particular focus on implementation.

HSS evaluation reports included in the meta-review:

Country-managed evaluations

Last updated: 10 Oct 2022

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