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Private sector companies made new pledges to support childhood immunisation in developing countries on the opening evening of Gavi's Pledging Conference in Berlin

Biological E

Mahima Datla, Managing Director

“It’s hard to come to a meeting such as this and not be convinced to make immunisation our biggest health priority. However, it’s also true that access to immunisation still continues to be a challenge. We at Biological E. strive to ensure affordability is NOT one of them, so that countries can focus on sustainability and on overcoming other obstacles that are coming in the way of reaching that last child. So, today, to further our support to Gavi’s mission, I am pleased to announce Biological E’s offer of a 5-year price commitment to Gavi graduated countries. This commitment aims to ensure that graduated countries will have access to affordable prices that are comparable to Gavi-eligible ones. We are proud to support Gavi’s replenishment effort, and with this pledge, we commit to working with Gavi to give donors, country governments and ourselves the opportunity to save more lives. In our own humble capacity, we will continue to play our part in reducing inequities in access to vaccines, particularly in the countries that we together serve.”


Sir Andrew Witty, CEO

“Over the past 15 years, Gavi has helped to protect many hundreds of millions of children in the world’s poorest countries from infectious diseases and has doubtless saved millions of lives. As long-standing supporters of Gavi, we continue to take steps to ensure we are doing what we can to increase access to vaccines. Our extended price-freeze is designed to bring vaccine price stability for graduating countries, ensuring sustainability of the Gavi model and helping more children benefit from national immunisation programmes.”


Luc Debruyne, President of Vaccines

“More children from the world’s poorest countries are being vaccinated against more diseases than ever before. This has been made possible by unprecedented cooperation between governments, groups such as Gavi and pharmaceutical companies. Four of every five of GSK’s vaccines are provided to developing countries at a substantial discount to western prices. We offer our lowest prices to Gavi which can be as little as a tenth of developed world prices. At these levels, we are able to just cover our costs, which is key to making our GAVI offer sustainable. We continue to look at ways to reduce production costs and any savings we make we will pass on to Gavi.”


Dr. Johan Van Hoof, Global Head, Infectious Diseases and Vaccines at Janssen, the pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson, and Managing Director, Crucell Holland B.V.

“Today Janssen reaffirms its pledge of making QUINVAXEM® available at UNICEF prices to Gavi graduating countries over the next five years,” said Dr. Johan Van Hoof, Global Head, Infectious Diseases and Vaccines at Janssen, the pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson, and Managing Director, Crucell Holland B.V. “We are proud of bringing innovation to resource-limited settings, by launching QUINVAXEM® in cPAD, a compact Prefilled Auto-Disable injection system. With the development of QUINVAXEM® in cPAD, we aim to address key challenges faced by global vaccination programmes to help reach the ‘fifth child'. We at Janssen are committed to advancing global health by addressing the world’s unmet medical needs through meaningful innovation.”


Dr. Jacques Cholat, President of Merck Vaccines:

“Merck and NewLink Genetics have committed to provide the Ebola vaccine at the lowest possible access price to help achieve sustainable public sector access in the most resource-constrained countries of the world,” said Dr. Jacques Cholat, President of Merck Vaccines. “Providing effective Ebola vaccines to Gavi-eligible countries is a critical component of comprehensive prevention and control measures for people currently at risk of Ebola virus infection, and to stem future outbreaks.”

As part of Merck’s commitment to protecting children's health by improving affordability, availability, and accessibility of vaccines, Merck is extending its current Gavi prices for Gardasil® [Human Papillomavirus Quadrivalent (Types 6, 11, 16, and 18) Vaccine, Recombinant] and RotaTeq® (Rotavirus Vaccine, Live, Oral, Pentavalent) to Gavi graduated countries for 10 years (2016-2025). This commitment will be available through the UNICEF procurement process to countries that have a GNI per capita of US $3200 and less.

Panacea Biotec

Dr. Rajesh Jain, JT. Managing Director:

“Panacea Biotec is proud to renew the pledge given on 13th June 2011 to support to all Gavi graduates, by offering a 5-year price freeze to help ensure sustainability of vaccination programmes, started with Gavi support. The ‘price freeze’ will commence from the first calendar year during which a country receives no Gavi support, at the price Gavi and countries paid for the applicable vaccine at the time of graduation. This pledge represents Panacea’s ongoing devotion to social commitments and human welfare, which is rooted in our mission: ‘innovation in support of life.’ Our company principles of quality, innovation and continuous learning can also be demonstrated through our unrelenting efforts that results in the achievement of WHO prequalification status for our ‘fully-liquid’ 1- and 10-dose pentavalent presentations in 2013, thereby offering protections against hepatitis B, Haemophilius influenzae type b (Hib), diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. We at Panacea are proud to support Gavi’s replenishment efforts for 2016-2020, and we look forward to continued partnership in immunising children in the world’s poorest countries.”


Susan Silbermann, President and General Manager, Pfizer Vaccines:

“We are pleased to support Gavi in our shared goal of protecting the world’s most vulnerable children through a sustainable vaccine program,” said Susan Silbermann, President and General Manager, Pfizer Vaccines. “No child should die – anywhere in the world – from a vaccine-preventable disease. Our ongoing investments to ensure high quality vaccines in adequate and reliable supply as well as the first preserved PCV multi-dose vial presentation, will help ensure more children have access to Prevenar 13 to prevent pneumococcal disease in communities whose healthcare systems are still developing.”

Sanofi Pasteur

Olivier Charmeil, President and Chief Executive Officer, Sanofi Pasteur

“Sanofi Pasteur and Gavi share a common vision: for all people around the world, wherever they live, to have access to the miracle of life-saving vaccines,” said Olivier Charmeil, President and Chief Executive Officer, Sanofi Pasteur. “In addition to promoting vaccine affordability, Sanofi Pasteur is working with Gavi to address the next generation of health challenges. To strengthen health systems, we are planning to complement the EPIVAC vaccinator training programme we have developed in West Africa, by co-funding the same type of capacity building program in Nigeria. To ensure diverse and reliable vaccine supply, we are making significant investments in manufacturing capacity that will secure supplies well into the future."

International Federation of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (IFPW)

Ornella Barra, IFPW’s chair and CEO of Wallgreens Boots Alliance

“IFPW and its partners are, by nature, experts in managing healthcare supply chains and cold chains such as those required for proper vaccine handling,” explained Ornella Barra, IFPW’s chair and CEO of Wallgreens Boots Alliance. “We look forward to sharing our industry’s knowledge, expertise and resources with Gavi and its partners to strengthen developing countries’ medical supply chains and to improve the availability of and access to vaccines for the children who need them.”

East African Community

Dr. Richard Sezibera, Secretary General of the East African Community

“This partnership brings forward the vision for the East African Community to become the regional centre of excellence in health logistics. We recognise the value of the private sector in helping achieve this vision and congratulate the IFPW and its members for working with us and Gavi to achieve this.”

Ministry for International Development and La Francophonie, Canada

Christian Paradis, Minister for International Development and Minister for La Francophonie, Canada

“I am proud of Canada's leadership role in fighting Ebola: we have already committed close to C$ 110 million to support health, humanitarian and security interventions in West Africa. I welcome today's announcement because making potential new vaccines available at a cost that is accessible to those most in need is vital to the global response to Ebola. Responding to crises is a key part of Canada's international humanitarian assistance, which aims to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity by providing appropriate, timely and effective responses.”


Eduardo Martinez, president of the UPS Foundation

“UPS is honoured to partner with Gavi to help improve the efficiency and impact of vaccine supply chains so that more children can live and thrive,” said Eduardo Martinez, president of The UPS Foundation. “By leveraging our supply chain resources, as well as the passion and expertise of UPSers, UPS will help communities ensure that one day all people will have access to life-saving vaccines.”

Comic Relief

Kevin Cahill, Comic Relief’s Chief Executive

“Comic Relief is delighted to once again support Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance in their work providing lifesaving vaccinations and immunisations to millions of children across Africa. Thanks to the generosity of the public’s donations and fundraising for Red Nose Day and Sport Relief campaigns, Comic Relief is proud to be working with Gavi in its efforts to give all children in the world the chance to live a healthy life. Our continued support comes as we launch Red Nose Day in the UK and look forward to the inaugural Red Nose Day in the USA in May.”

Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices (HMD)

Rajiv Nath, CEO

“As a family-owned medical device manufacturing firm for over 50 years, HMD is pleased to partner with Gavi to contribute technical expertise and local knowledge to support the upcoming WHO injection safety advocacy campaign,” said Rajiv Nath, CEO of HMD. “We have long believed that injection safety is an important global public health issue.”

Star Syringe

Marc Koska, Inventor and Founder

“As the inventor and patent holder of the K1 auto-disabled syringe, I am delighted that by partnering with Gavi, Star Syringe is able to utilise our patent royalties up to US$ 2 million to provide direct cost savings to Gavi and Gavi-eligible countries,” said Marc Koska, Inventor and Founder of Star Syringe.

Wall AG

Daniel Wall, CEO

“Wall AG is delighted to support the Pledging Conference of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, taking place in Berlin,” said Daniel Wall, CEO of Wall AG. “We are honoured to be backing this worldwide organisation supported by numerous nations, including Germany, as well as international bodies and organisations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. By enhancing the visibility of the conference, we want to bring the important issue of sustainable vaccination in developing countries to the attention of a wider public and in this way contribute to the success of the conference.”

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