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21 October 2021

Combining COVID-19 and routine vaccination: Nigeria implements a “whole family” approach

The whole family approach is helping Lagos State tackle multiple disease outbreaks and helping families lead healthier lives.

14 October 2021

”We understand how important their work is to our health”: Ordinary Nigerians unite with health workers against COVID-19

In the face of mounting logistical hitches, ordinary Nigerians are rallying behind health workers to ensure the success of COVID-19 vaccine rollout across the country.

11 October 2021

Mobilising mothers around immunisation in Nigeria

Going door-to-door, local community leaders are mobilising mothers to have their children immunised.

11 October 2021

How COVID-19 is contributing to period poverty in Nigeria

Skyrocketing prices for sanitary products, supply shortages and lockdowns are combining to make it harder and harder for girls and women in Nigeria to manage their periods.

30 September 2021

COVID-19 vaccines help routine immunisation become routine again in Nigeria

Routine immunisation took a hit in Nigeria thanks to the pandemic. Thanks to the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines, particularly for health workers, mothers are returning to immunisation clinics.

16 September 2021

“We are not resting on our laurels”: COVID-19 survivors encourage vaccination in Nigeria

In Lagos, Nigeria's most populous state, COVID-19 survivors are encouraging more Nigerians to be vaccinated.

7 September 2021

Boosting yellow fever testing in Nigeria

With support from Gavi and other partners, Nigeria’s CDC is in a strong position to test for and combat yellow fever.

2 September 2021

Canada donates doses through COVAX – Nigeria, Kenya and Niger to receive first doses

Three countries in Africa will receive the first Canadian-donated doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine – Nigeria (801,600 doses), Kenya (459,300) and Niger (100,800) – as part of an overall Canadian pledge of over 40 million doses to COVAX

27 August 2021

Fighting both COVID-19 and cholera: Health workers, community leaders work around the clock in Nigeria

With COVID-19 stretching the healthcare system in many parts of Nigeria, health workers and community leaders have to go the extra mile to ensure vaccines reach victims of the country’s latest cholera outbreak.

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