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Compulsory vaccination helps conquer fears in Nigeria

Mandatory vaccination policy introduced by the Federal Government of Nigeria in all its public institutions has contributed to an increase in the number of vaccinated people.

Nurses in Lagos are going against all odds to improve neonatal and infant health care

Through dedication and commitment to service, nurses in Nigeria’s commercial hub, Lagos State, are working hard to improve routine immunisation.

Unsung hero: how a polio survivor is changing the narrative

Polio survivors in Kano State are helping to change perceptions towards vaccines.

Our lives won’t remain the same: Nigerians embrace COVID-19 vaccines

Once gripped by uncertainty and confusion, the increased availability of life-saving vaccines is helping more Nigerians break the cycle of fear that came with COVID-19.

You need a plan: Successfully immunising zero-dose children in Nigeria

COVID-19 has hit routine immunisation hard in southern Nigeria. Authorities are now working hard to ensure children don’t miss out.

The resilience of mothers in Nigeria’s displaced people camps

Despite fleeing their homes because of civil unrest and violence, mothers in the camps are doing whatever it takes to protect their children by getting them immunised.

Nigerian stars boost COVID-19 vaccination

Commanding a large following among music and movie lovers, some Nigerian entertainers are using their popularity to encourage fans to take the COVID-19 jab.

This little vaccine went to market: boosting vaccine uptake in Nigeria

From the market square in Oba, Benin City, vaccinators reach busy businesspeople with COVID-19 vaccines.

Teaming up to tackle polio in Lagos

With a recent outbreak of Vaccine-Derived Polio in Lagos and other states in Nigeria caused by poor vaccination coverage, teams are working to ensure that no child is left behind.

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