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Our grant cycle involves several steps, from a country’s request for new support to the review and renewal of this support each year

Overview of Gavi’s grant cycle

Eligible countries can implement a portfolio of Gavi support, consisting of:

More information on how to apply for funding can be found on the Support guidelines page.

Our support aims to assist countries in advancing their national immunisation plans and improving immunisation coverage and equity in a sustainable way.

New Gavi support

Over time, countries may request new Gavi support to be added to their existing portfolio. We strongly encourage them to base such requests on their national vision, and to align Gavi support with their own planning and financial cycles.

Requests for new support are reviewed by the Independent Review Committee (IRC). Once a request is approved, the funds or vaccines are sent to the country, marking the beginning of the implementation phase.

Deadlines to submit requests for new support  

22 January 2019

1 May 2019

4 September 2019


To renew their portfolio of Gavi support on a yearly basis, countries must regularly submit monitoring and reporting data. This includes an annual joint appraisal review of how Gavi-supported programmes are progressing, as well as regular reporting against set indicators through the grant performance framework. Regular reporting is key to monitoring the performance of Gavi support, and informs Gavi’s decisions on disbursements and renewals.

Deadlines to submit joint appraisal reports  

21 Dec 2018

14 June 2019

2 September 2019

13 December 2019


Gavi works closely with countries to ensure that investments support the long-term programmatic and financial sustainability of their immunisation programme. The ultimate goal is for countries to transition out of our support once they have robust systems and decision-making processes in place.


Countries should aim to meet a deadline that fits with their own timeframes for implementation. If a country misses a submission deadline, the request for new support or renewal will be reviewed in the following round.

All requests for renewal of vaccine support must be submitted by 15 May each year. In addition, countries should submit a joint appraisal report each year.


Country portal

Applying for or receiving Gavi support? Visit our country portal.  


Click here to access Gavi iLearn (accessible for all country portal users).

Principles and processes of Gavi support

Short video explaining how Gavi and countries work together to achieve equitable immunisation coverage.

Who to contact

For any questions or issues related to accessing applications on the portal, or the guidelines, please contact

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