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  • Committees support the development of key policies, oversee specific activities and are comprised of Board members, alternates, and in some instances delegates with expertise in critical areas

    The Board is the supreme governing body of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Certain functions are reserved to the Board, including the setting of policies and strategies for Gavi, and amending its by-laws and other internal guidelines and procedures necessary for the administration and management of the Vaccine Alliance.

    The Board delegates certain activities and areas of work to five standing Board committees and one Advisory committee, staffed by Board members, alternates, and in certain instances independent experts or partner representatives:

  • The All Chairs Group supports the Board Chair in the efficient and effective fulfilment of their duties and responsibilities as Board Chair. It is structured to provide a visible and transparent mechanism to enable discussion on cross-cutting issues that do not belong exclusively to any one committee and to co-ordinate work between the Board’s Committees including, among other things, to provide a sounding board for the Board Chair and CEO. The ACG meets at regular intervals and is composed of the Gavi Alliance Board Chair, Vice Chair, CEO and Chairs of Programme and Policy Committee, Audit and Finance Committee and Investment Committee.

  • 41 million

    Since 2007, countries have immunised 41 million children with a second dose of measles or measles-rubella vaccine with Gavi support. Gavi-funded campaigns with these two vaccines have helped vaccinate another 328 million children in countries at high risk of outbreaks.

    WHO/UNICEF and Gavi, 2017

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