Oyewale Tomori

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Former Vice Chancellor, Redeemer’s University Nigeria, and former President, Nigerian Academy of Science

Oyewale Tomori

Oyewale Tomori is the former Vice Chancellor, Redeemer’s University Nigeria, and former President, Nigerian Academy of Science. He is a recipient of the Nigeria National Order of Merit (NNOM), Nigeria’s highest award for academic, intellectual attainment and national development, and he is an international member of the US National Academy of Medicine.

Dr Tomori is trained as a veterinarian and a public health virologist. As a university teacher and researcher, he elucidated the properties of several viruses, and registered one of them, the Orungo virus, with the International Committee of Virus Taxonomy. He led research efforts investigating outbreaks of viral infections in African countries; trained medical, veterinary and science graduates as virologists; developed a unique diagnostic neutralisation test for the Lassa virus and has over 140 publications in peer reviewed scientific journals.

While serving as the WHO African Regional Virologist, Dr Tomori set up the African Polio Laboratory Network, providing diagnostic support for the confirmation of zero polio status, required for global polio eradication. This network became the model for other regional diagnostic laboratory networks for other viral and bacterial infections. He has served and continues to serve on several national, international and global advisory bodies including the WHO Africa Regional Polio Certification Committee, the WHO Group of Experts on Yellow Fever Disease, as Chairman of the WHO Yellow Fever Emergency Committee on International Health Regulations (IHR), on WHO SAGE and on the World Bank Working Group on Financing Preparedness and Response.

He holds a DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) and PhD (Virology) degrees from the Nigerian universities of Ahmadu Bello and Ibadan, respectively.


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