Sergey Khachatryan

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Deputy Minister of Health, Republic of Armenia

Sergey Khachatryan

Sergey Khachatryan is Armenia’s Deputy Minister of Health since November 2010. He is responsible for coordinating public health (including immunisation), mother and child health, and international relations and partnerships.

A former World Bank Director, Dr Khachatryan has extensive experience in bringing together international and multilateral agencies, the private sector and NGOs to create partnerships which grow and strengthen infectious disease control and prevention. He is also an accomplished public health officer, specialising in the field of immunisation and vaccine-preventable diseases and has played a critical role in developing national immunisation policies and strategies through advocacy and resource mobilisation. Under his leadership, Armenia has expanded its national immunisation programme and has successfully introduced several new vaccines.

Dr Khachatryan trained as a medical doctor in Yerevan (Armenia) and holds a BSc in Urology from Saint Petersburg I. I. Mechnokiv State Medical Academy (Russian Federation).


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