Shanelle Hall

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Deputy Executive Director, Field Results, UNICEF

Shanelle Hall

Shanelle Hall is the Deputy Executive Director of Field Results at UNICEF since December 2016. Prior to this appointment, Ms Hall served as Director of UNICEF’s Supply Division where she oversaw UNICEF’s global supply activities and emergency supply response, with an annual expenditure exceeding US$ 3.4 billion. She helped to expand the supply function beyond service delivery to being a major strategic contributor to UNICEF results. Prior to that role, Ms Hall served as Deputy Director of Supply Division and Chief of Immunization in Supply Division.  Ms Hall introduced “vaccine security” as a means of safeguarding a sustainable, uninterrupted supply of affordable, quality vaccines to the world’s most vulnerable children.

Ms Hall also served as Vice Chair of the Global Fund Board Committee on Market Dynamics. Prior to joining UNICEF in 1998, Shanelle had a distinguished career with the private sector. Ms Hall is an industrial and systems engineer.

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