Yifei Li

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China Chair for Man Group

Li Yifei

Yifei Li is the China Chair for Man Group, one of the world’s largest hedge fund management companies. Ms Li has over 20 years of financial management experience at a senior level, having successfully led the expansion of several multinational companies in China.

Ms Li has previously held the post of Managing Director, MTV Greater China, Executive Vice President, MTV Networks Asia, and Chief Representative, Viacom China. In 2006, under her leadership, MTV China worked with the Beijing Olympic organising committee to stage the “Volunteer for Beijing Concert.”

In May 2001, Ms Li featured on the cover of Fortune magazine and was among 25 “rising stars” identified by the magazine as the next generation of global leaders. Later in the same year, Fortune listed Ms Li as one of the world’s 50 most powerful women. In addition, she was selected as one of “Ten Women to Watch in Asia” by the Asian edition of the Wall Street Journal (2005 and 2006).

A native of Beijing, Ms Li has a law degree from Foreign Affairs College (China) and a Masters in International Relations from Baylor University (USA).

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