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Check out the latest commentary and opinion pieces from Gavi CEO Dr Seth Berkley.

Vaccinating against superbugs

The ability to control infectious disease is the bedrock of modern medicine, and vaccines are important tools for keeping such diseases at bay. But vaccines can also limit the spread of drug-resistant strains by reducing antibiotic use.
Full article: Project Syndicate.


Winning the Infectious Disease Marathon  

We're immunizing more kids than ever, but the population growth means the percentage of children being protected is stagnating.

The Ebola outbreak is over - but the work to contain potential pandemics must continue

The Ebola outbreak is over - but the work to contain potential pandemics must continue  

Now that WHO has declared the outbreak over, we mustn’t lose sight of what it took to get here.

How immunisation helps improve education for girls

How immunisation helps improve education for girls  

Just as a lower vaccination rate can keep girls out of school, so too can a boost in immunisation coverage help to close the gender-education gap.

India can lead the way to deliver health for all

India can lead the way to deliver health for all  

Digital identity technologies, like the Aadhaar biometric system, have the potential to change the lives of tens of thousands of children under the healthcare radar, by improving their access to immunisation.

Global healthcare needs a revolution

Global healthcare needs a revolution  

This is how technology can help.

Five myths about outbreaks

Five myths about outbreaks  

No, closing borders can’t stop the spread of disease.

Seth - Science - Blind spot

Health security's blind spot  

The severity of this year's influenza virus is a reminder of the daunting task facing the global health community as it struggles to prevent infectious diseases from sparking deadly epidemics.

Seth Blog WEF 2018

Innovative partnerships to mend a fractured world  

Gavi’s success over the past 18 years is a testament to what partnerships can achieve, helping to vaccinate 700 million children and prevent 10 million deaths from vaccine-preventable diseases by the end of 2018.

Scientific American

A completely preventable public health crisis

An outbreak of diphtheria in a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh makes it clear that these people were living in substandard conditions before they fled Myanmar. Full article: Scientific American.

Seth LinkedIn Blog

Here's why global health suffers in a fractured world  

Is it really possible for countries to reap the benefits of globalization and shun the responsibilities that come with a globalized economy, while avoiding the consequences of doing so?


How innovation is improving vaccine delivery  

Gavi is focused on expanding our engagement with technology companies to bring innovation in the ways we deliver vaccines to the hardest-to-reach children.

African girl

What a difference a year makes  

Gavi’s 2016 Annual Progress Report is first of five for our 2016-2020 strategic period, placing greater emphasis on the global context in which the Alliance Partners – the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the World Bank and expanded partners – are working.

The looming threat of yellow fever

An outbreak in Brazil of the deadly disease should raise an alarm in the rest of the world.
Full article: New York Times.

Solving a global digital identity crisis

In developing countries, one in three children under age five has no record of their existence.
Full article: MIT Technology Review article.

Seth Berkley speaks at TED2015

The troubling reason why vaccines are made too late, if they're made at all.
More details and transcript on the TED website.

petri dish

Saving antibiotics so that antibiotics can save lives

Misuse and overuse have blunted their impact. We need to be smarter about how we deploy and monitor them. Full article: Wall Street Journal.

Wired World in 2014

Wired World in 2014

Article on how geocaching could help improve vaccine supply chains, based on the outcomes of a TED Challenge talk given by Gavi CEO Dr Seth Berkley.

Download the 2014 edition on Zinio as a PDF.


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