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11 June 2019

EPI LAMP Yaounde

New management training for immunisation leaders kicks-off at the University of Yaounde

National teams from six Gavi-supported countries will attend the first forum of the nine-month programme.

27 September 2018

Anuradha Linkedin hepb

Why hepatitis B vaccination should be Plan A in the fight against liver cancer

Gavi Deputy CEO Anuradha Gupta highlights the major role that vaccines can play in the response to non-communicable diseases.

29 June 2017

Li Xiaopeng and Seth Berkley

Gavi welcomes US$ 1.5 million contribution from China Merchants Group

The pledge will support Gavi’s mission to immunise 300 million of the world’s poorest children by 2020.

12 November 2015

Gavi default item

Measles vaccination has saved an estimated 17.1 million lives since 2000

New data released by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the Measles & Rubella Initiative, estimates that 17.1 million lives have been saved since 2000, largely due to increased vaccination coverage against this highly contagious viral disease.

09 September 2015


China seals commitment to support immunisation in developing countries

China seals commitment to support immunisation in developing countries

15 May 2015

Qatar Contribution Agreement Signing

Qatar pledges support for Gavi to save children's lives with vaccines

Funding will help Vaccine Alliance protect millions of children from infectious disease.

01 April 2015

Lao PDR to protect more than 1.5 million children from Japanese encephalitis

Lao PDR to protect more than 1.5 million children from Japanese encephalitis

Gavi supports national campaign to prevent mosquito-borne disease.

27 January 2015

Pledges annoucement

World leaders make record-breaking commitment to protect poorest children with vaccines

Support puts Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance on the path to immunise a further 300 million children and save up to six million more lives

09 October 2013

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Vaccine to protect South Asian children against devastating disease set for GAVI support

Chinese vaccine industry enters world stage with WHO prequalified Japanese encephalitis vaccine

17 August 2013

Gavi item

Africa and China: Walking together towards a healthy future

In a previous life when I was a National Immunisation Programme Manager in Ghana, I saw firsthand the challenges that many African states face in delivering healthcare.

16 August 2013

China-Africa Health Development

China President thanks international organisations for supporting Africa health development

China President Xi Jinping thanks high-level representatives of international organisations, including the GAVI Alliance, for their role in supporting China-Africa health development.

18 July 2013

Gavi item

Smart development

As economies grow in The South, countries hit by financial crisis in The North, including European countries, are rethinking their strategies for development cooperation.

28 November 2012

UNI44093 copyF

22 – Vaccines and cancer control: from Hepatitis B to HPV

Partners Forum 2012 - Session summary. There are a staggering 2 million people infected with hepatitis B worldwide and an additional 250 million chronic carriers of the virus.

24 October 2012

World Polio Day

World Polio Day

There’s a lot to celebrate this World Polio Day. In all but three countries of the world, polio has been eradicated with the support of WHO and its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. This year, fewer children (171) have been paralyzed by this crippling virus, in fewer parts of the world than ever before.

12 September 2012


China ready to expand collaboration with GAVI

Health Minister Professor Chen Zhu marked the Chinese Government’s first high-level meeting with the GAVI Alliance on Monday by signalling China’s willingness to expand collaboration with the Alliance.

05 July 2012

Fernando Moroy, Director of Institutional Relations of 'la Caixa' Territorial in Madrid, receiving award

Atlético Madrid awards Business Alliance for aid to children

GAVI Alliance Board Chair Dagfinn Dagfinn Høybråten recognises “la Caixa” Foundation programme's receipt of global award from Spanish soccer club Atlético Madrid.

21 May 2012

Margaret Chan WHA 2012

Chinese vaccine production to revolutionise the market

Dr Margaret Chan highlights China's potential for increased vaccine production at lower prices following WHO approval of national vaccine regulator.

24 April 2012

5th Birthday Campaign

USAID’s Shah calls for zero preventable deaths

Launching the “Every Child Deserves a Fifth Birthday” social media campaign in Washington,  the head of the United States Agency for International Development gives a sneak peek of his vision for a world with zero child deaths from preventable diseases.

03 February 2012

Vaccine investment strategy

GAVI's role in preventing cancer

Information about how vaccines against hepatitis B and human papillomavirus (HPV) help to protect against liver and cervical cancers.

03 February 2012

Gavi item

World Cancer Day 2012: Together it is possible

In many countries, cancer is no longer considered a death sentence. But for the world’s poorest people it remains a stark reality.

28 July 2011

UICC logo

GAVI and the Union for International Cancer Control to mark World Hepatitis Day

Every year, 600,000 people die from hepatitis B-related causes, the most serious type of viral hepatitis and a major cause of liver cancer. [German].

01 December 2010

China HepB story child

China's dramatic fall in hepatitis B infections

From 2002-2010, GAVI co-funded immunisation against hepatitis B in the west and central provinces of China. Today, less than 1% of children under 5 are chronic carriers of hepB.

10 November 2010

GAVI CEO calls G20 to action

Statement by Helen Evans, Interim CEO, GAVI Alliance on the G20 Summit to discuss how to achieve sustainable economic growth and development.

19 October 2010

Joint project with China leads to dramatic fall in hepatitis B infections

At the start of the new millennium, the Chinese government's efforts to immunise newborn children against the deadly consequences of hepatitis B (hepB) infection were struggling to overcome formidable physical and economic barriers posed by the country's poorest provinces.

06 October 2010

Gavi item

First pledging conference set for June 2011

GAVI Alliance donors and partners agreed to convene a first pledging conference in June 2011 to ensure that the global health partnership has the necessary funding to introduce new vaccines against the two biggest killers of children, pneumonia and diarrhoea.

25 July 2006

China immunises millions of children in historic collaboration between government and GAVI Alliance

Since 2002, China has immunised 11.1 million children in the country’s poorest and most remote western and central provinces against hepatitis B, reducing their risk of developing a deadly and common liver cancer, according to an announcement made today by the Chinese government and the GAVI Alliance.

04 October 2005

Immunization maintains strong performance made in last quarter century

Immunization at the global level has progressed very well during the past 25 years, but further increases in coverage would save the lives of millions more who do not yet benefit from this protection, said a group of immunization partners at the World Vaccine Congress in Lyon, France.

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