Yolani Batres

Former Secretary of State, Bureau of Health, Republic of Honduras

Edna Yolani Batres was the Secretary of State at the Bureau of Health in Honduras from January 2014 to December 2016, giving high priority to the control and eradication of vaccine-preventable diseases through WHO’s Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI).

Before her appointment as Secretary of State, Dr Batres served as the Deputy Secretary of Health for Service Networks; Head of the Unit for Coverage Expansion for the Health Region of Gracias, Lempira; and Chief of the Emergency Services at the Departmental Hospital Juan Manuel Gálvez. Early career roles have included consultant at the Inter-American Development Bank, working on technical capacity building to support the expansion and sustainability of health services delivery within the Unit of Decentralised Management at the Secretariat of Health.

Dr Batres trained as a medical doctor and has a Masters in Public Health.

Last updated: 2 Dec 2019

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