Eduardo Humberto Retes

Senior Vaccine Technical Advisor and Independent Health Consultant

Eduardo Humberto Retes is medical doctor with a master’s degree in Public Health and Tropical Medicine and a master’s degree in Health Services Management. He has over 30 years’ experience, working alongside donors and stakeholders across various sectors including health, education, economics, agriculture, and foreign affairs. Dr Retes has served as a medical liaison for several NGO regional projects and high-level government offices, including at Presidential level.

Throughout his career, Dr Retes has worked across departments, municipalities and health regions throughout Honduras. This has given him a clear understanding of the country’s context at all community levels. Dr Retes designed and implemented the humanitarian aid project for Medical Readiness in Honduras, which provided comprehensive primary healthcare to 40% of the population that previously had no access to the health system.

Dr Retes has extensive experience in the international field working in humanitarian aid assistance with several organisations, including the International Disaster Relief Unit (IDRU), the American Red Cross, and US Southern Command. He was a member of the Polio Free Country programme in 1995 and the measles-free programme in 1997.

Dr Retes’ experience stretches to planning, health management, health financing and policy, advocacy, research, strategies, and initiatives for the Minister of Health (SESAL). He has participated in the elaboration of technical documents in primary healthcare, universal access and coverage, national healthcare models, HIV, TB, and COVID-19.

Last updated: 4 Apr 2024

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