Karin Berlin

Deputy Director, Multilateral Partnership, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden 

Karin Berlin is the Deputy Director of Multilateral Partnership within the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With senior positions in both private and public sector, she has extensive work experience with the United Nations, European Union, governments and private sector in Europe, Africa, the Balkans and the United States. She has actively worked to strengthen health systems, enhance capacity, and improve the quality of social protection and social services, including with respect to gender balance, access for persons with disability, protection of adolescents, more efficient health care and public health interventions, as well as more accessible Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) services. 

Ms Berlin has worked for the last two decades at the international level, but also with bilateral cooperation between Sweden and other countries as well with as international partners. She holds a B.Sc in Political Science from Stockholm University and Complutense University, Madrid, and a Master’s degree in Public Health Science from Mid University, Sweden.

Last updated: 6 Oct 2023

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