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5 August 2020

00a Document list pdf

Board -2020 -Mtg -4-Doc 00 a

G avi Alliance Board Meeting
30 Ju ly 2020
Virtual Meeting

Thursday 30 Ju ly : 14.00 -18.00 Geneva Time
Quor um: 14

Document list

No. Document
00a Document list
00b Agenda
01a Declarations of interest
02 Gavi 5.0: Measurement Framework/Strategy in dicators
03 Financial Forecast
04a Gavi COVAX AMC
04b COVAX Facility Structure and Governance
05 Review of decisions (No paper)
06 Closing remarks ( No paper)

5 August 2020

00b Final Agenda pdf

Board -2020 -Mtg-4-Doc 00b -REVISED

G avi Alliance Board Meeting
30 July 2020 , Virtual Meeting

Thursday 30 July : 14.00 -18.00 Geneva Time
Quorum: 14


Item Sub ject Action Schedule

1 Chair?s report
? Declarations of interest
Ngozi Okonjo -Iweala, Board Chair
DECISIO N 14.00 -14. 05
3 Financial Forecast
David Sidwell , Chair, Audit and Finance Committee
DECISION 14. 05-14.35
4 Gavi ?s role in COVAX Facility and COVAX AMC
Seth Berkley, CEO
DECISION 14. 35-17.10
The two separate papers listed below will be taken as one
discus sion:


4b COVAX Facility Structure and Governance

2 Gavi 5.0 : Measurement Framework /S trategy indicator s
Daniel Hogan , Head , Corporate Per form anc e Monitoring &
Measur ement, Monitor ing & Evalua tion
GUIDANCE 17.10-17.55
5 Review o f d ecis io ns
Brenda Killen , Director, Governanc e
17.55-18. 00
6 Closing remarks
Ngozi O kon jo-Iwea la, Board C hair

Ne xt Board Meeting s: 29 September 2020, Virtual
16-17 December 2020, TBD
17 -18 Marc h 202 1, TBD (Board Retreat)
23 -24 June 202 1, Geneva
1-2 December 202 1, Geneva ---
Brenda Kille n, Director, Governance and Secretary t o the Board, + 41 22 9 09 6 680, bkillen
Jo anne Goetz , Head, Governance, + 41 22 909 6544,
Please note that the Board meeting will be recorded. This recording will be use d as an aid to minute the meeting .
A transcr iptio n of the full proceedings will not normally be made. Shou ld a transcription be made it wil l be us ed
only as an aid to minute the meeting .

5 August 2020

01a Board Declarations of Interest pdf

Bo ard -2020 -Mt g-4-Doc 0 1a

Gavi Alliance Board Meeting
30 Ju ly 2020
Virtual Meeting
Quorum: 1 4
Declarations of Interest

Section 5.5 of the Conflicts of Interest Policy for Governance Bodies states ?Members
involved in decisio n-makin g processes on behalf of Gavi must take appropriate action to
ensure disclosure of Interests and Conflicts of Inter est, and take the necessary action in
respect thereof.?
Section 6.2 of the Conflicts of Interest Policy for Governance Bodies further states , ?T he duty
to disclo se [in 6.1 above] is a continuing obligation. This means that Members are obliged to
disclose any Interests and/or Conflict of Interest, whenever the Member comes to know the
relevant matter.?
The following declarations were made b y me mbers of the Boar d on their most recent annual
Board members:
Member Org anisational Interest s

Financial/Personal/Advisor Int /
Ngozi Okonjo -Iweala , Chair None
Board Member, Twitter; Boar d
Member, Standard Chartered
Bank; Board Chair, African Risk
Capac ity ; Co -Chair, The Global
Commission on the Economy and
Climate; Co -Chair, Lumos; Fellow,
Harvard; Non -resident Fellow,
Brookings; Board Member,
Carnegie Endowment for
International Peace; 1 of the 4
Envoys, AU Special Envoy for
COVID -19; Board Member, The B-
Te am; Board Member, Asia
Infrastructure Investment Bank;
Board Member, International
Advisory Board ? Japan
International Cooperation Agency
(JICA); Board Chair, African
University of Sci ence and
Technology; Member, IMF
External Advisory Group; Member,
Eco no mic Advisory Council for
South African President Cyril
Ramaphosa ; WHO Special Envoy,
Access to COVID -19 Tools (ACT)
Accelerator ;
Gavi -appointed special adviser

5 August 2020

02 Gavi 5.0 Measurement Framework Strategy Indicators pdf


Board -2020 -Mtg -4-Doc 02

Section A: Executive Summary
Purpose of the report
Following discussion s at the October 2019 and May 2020 Programme and Policy
Committee (PPC) meetings , the Board is requested to provide guidance on the
Gavi 5.0 measurement framework. An Alliance Technical Working Group (TWG)
is advising on development of the framework and ens uring alignment with
Immunization Agenda 2030 (IA2030). An iterative process with broad consultations
to vet indicators has included consultations with countries, partners, Civil Society
Organisations and other Alliance stakeholders at the Gavi 5.0 Countri es and
Partners Retreat.
Questions this paper addresses
? How is the 5.0 measurement framework being developed?
? Which indicators are currently suggested for 5.0 strategy performance
monitoring, at which levels, and which require further development?
? How does the COVID -19 pandemic affect finalisation of the 5.0
measurement framework?
The COVID -19 pandemic will delay finalisation of the 5.0 measurement framework,
largely due to the challenge of setting targets given uncertain 2020 baselines .
Section B: Gavi 5.0 : Measurement Framework/Strategy Indicators
Facts and Data
1.1 Proposed Gavi 5.0 mission and strategy indicators are intended to measure
progress towards the goals and objectives as described in the Gavi 5.0
strategy framework ?one -pager? (Annex A), approved by the Board in June
2019 . They focus on key portfolio -level impacts, outcomes or outputs , with
shared accountability across the Alliance . They represent a subset of the
metrics to be used for monitoring progress along Gavi?s result chain.
1.2 The following principles guide the development of Strategy Performance
Monitoring (details provided in Doc 06 to the October 2019 PPC meeting):
Agenda item: 02
Category: For Guidance
Report to the Board
30 July 2020

5 August 2020

02 Annex A Gavi 5.0 one pager pdf

Report to the Board
Board -2020 -Mtg -4-Doc 02-Annex A

Annex A: Gavi 2021 ?2025 Strategy Fr amework

5 August 2020

02 Annex B Draft Gavi 5.0 Indicator Dashboard pdf

Report to the Board
Board -2020 -Mtg -4-Doc 02-Annex B

Annex B: Draft Gavi 5.0 Indicator Dashboard

5 August 2020

02 Annex C Summary of Gavi 5.0 Indicator Definitions pdf

Report to the Board
Board -2020 -Mtg -4-Doc 02-Annex C
Annex C : Summary of Indicator Definitions 1
Table 1: Summary Descriptions and Use Cases for Mission Indicators
ID Indicator What would be measured How it would be used
M.1 Under -5 mortality rate
Average probability of a child
born in any of the Gavi -
supported countries dying
before they reach the age of
Communicate Gavi?s
contribution to child mortality
M.2 Future deaths averted 2
Number of anticipated future
deaths prevented as a result of
vaccination with Gavi -funded
vaccines in the countries we
Demonstrate Gavi impact on
vaccine preventable disease
(VPD) mortality.
M.3 Future DALYs averted
Number of disability -adjusted
life years (DALYs) averted as a
result of vaccination with Gavi -
supported vaccines.
Demonstrate Gavi impact on
VPD mortality and morbidity.
M.4 Zero -dose children
(Equity indicator)
Reduction in number of zero -
dose children
Measure of extending routine
immunisation services to
missed communities. An
equity measure.
Unique children
immunised with Gavi
Number of children immunised
with the last recommended
dose of a Gavi -supported
vaccine delivered through
routine systems
Demonstrate reach of Gavi
M. 6 Economic benefits
Calculated as cost -of-illness
(COI) averted. COI includes
treatment and transport costs,
caretaker wages and
productivity loss due to
disability and premature death.
Demonstrate Gavi impact on
economic productivity.

1 Indicators for strategy goal 3 have yet to be defined. Measurement of SG3 pending Alliance
discussions on financing and Board decision on the updated eligibility, transition and co -financing policy. 2 Indicators underlined are included in the 2020 -2025 I nvestment Opportunity and will be used, in part,
to report on progress towards meeting commitments made in 2021 -2025 Investment opportunity.

5 August 2020

03 Financial Forecast pdf


Board -2020 -Mtg -4-Doc 03
Report to the Board
30 Ju ly 20 20

Please find attached the report submitte d to the Audit and Finance Committee
(AFC) at its meeting on 23 July 2020.
Action requested of the Board
The Gavi Alliance Audit and Finance Committee recommends to the Gavi Alliance
Board that it :
Note that the Audit and Finance Committee has reviewed the financial implications
of the recommendation as set out in Figures 1 of Doc 0 3b (Financial Update) to
the 23 July 2020 meeting of the Audit and Finance Committee and concluded that
th e recommendation could be approved by the Gavi Alliance Board in accordance
with the Programme Funding Policy.

The AFC recommendation which pertain s to pre -financing of the COVAX Facility
is presented to the Board for consideration under Doc 04b.
Agenda item: 03
Category: For Decision


AFC-2020-Mtg-4-Doc 03d
Classified as Internal
Report to the
Audit and Finance Committee
23 July 2020

Section A: Summary
? The COVID-19 pandemic situation is continuing to evolve rapidly, resulting
in a continued state of flux for Gavi supported countries. With over
1.5 million cases, accounting for approximately 14% of global burden, the
exact trajectory of disease and its ultimate impact on immunisation
programmes in Gavi supported countries is exceedingly difficult to predict
at this moment .
? As requested by the Audit & Finance Committee (AFC), this report presents:
1. An updated expenditure forecast based on the evolving impact of the
COVID-19 pandemic on Gavi?s core mission. Changes have focused on
the very near-term 2020 & 2021 period, to reflect Gavi?s three pillared
response to the COVID-19 pandemic: a) providing immediate support to
help countries respond to the pandemic b) maintaining, restoring and
strengthening immunisation services and; c) responding to the fiscal
impact on immunisation programmes.
2. An updated resource forecast to reflect the results from the 4 June
Global Vaccine Summit (GVS). Gavi succeeded in mobilising over
US$ 1 billion more than its minimum replenishment ask. This will give
Gavi the opportunity to scale up investments 1 in programmatic elements
that are critical to achieving the ambitious goals of Gavi?s 2021-25
Strategy, particularly given the challenges brought about by COVID-19.
3. The implications of the expenditure and resource updates on the Net
Available for Future Investments for the periods 2016-2020 and 2021-
4. An overview of the COVAX Facility and related financial implications.
? This report asks the AFC to review the financial implications of the
recommendations to be made at the 30 July 2020 Gavi Board meeting in
relation to the COVAX Facility (Section 4) as set out in Section 3 Figure 1
and confirm that these recommendations can be approved by the Gavi
Board in accordance with the Programme Funding Policy.

1 These potential additional investments are subject to negotiation of donor grants.
Agenda item: 03d
Category: For Decision

5 August 2020

04a Gavi COVAX AMC pdf


Board -2020 -Mtg -4-Doc 04a
Classified as Internal

Section A: Context and summary
The COVID -19 pandemic is spreading rapidly in low income economies 1 (LI Es)
and lower m iddle income economies (LMI Es), with South Asia so far most affected .
The pandemic has put an immediate brake on progress towards the Sustainable
Development Goals . For vaccine programmes in particular, the pandemic has
meant that campaigns against highly infectious disease s like polio and measles
have been paused ? though are now slowly resuming ? routine immunisation
systems are running at far lower levels of capacity, and healthcare workers
normally engaged in immunisation services have been diverted tow ards COVID -
19 response. 45 out of 68 planned vaccine introductions have been impacted in
Gavi -eligible countries. As a result, there is an increasing risk of other disease
outbreaks particularly among children , further encumbering stretched health
Following a call by the G20 under the Saudi Presidency , at an event in April 2020
co -hosted by the President of France, the President of the European Commission,
the Director General of the World Health Organization, and the Bill and Melinda
Gate s Foundation, the Access to COVID -19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator was
launched. This initiative brings together a range of partners to a chieve equitable
access to COVID -19 therapeutics, diagnostics and vaccines.
Gavi and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) were
charged to co -lead the Vaccines Pillar of the ACT -Accelerator. Within th is Pillar,
CEPI , as lead for the Development and Manufacturing Workstream , is making
direct financial investments to support R&D and manufacturing expansion of
promising COVID -19 candidates. WHO , as lead for the Policy and Allocation
Workstream , is developing global policy recommendations and an Allocation
Framework on use of v accines , including via the Strategic Advisory Group of
Experts (SAGE) on Immuni zation. Gavi , as lead for the Vaccine Procurement and
Delivery at Scale Workstream , is with partners developing the COVAX Facility (the
?Facility ?), a global mechanism to pool r esources and demand for COVID -19
vaccine s with the goal of accelerating the availability of and access to safe and
efficacious vaccines , and the COVAX AMC (the ? AMC ?), a financing mechanism
to ensure that low income and lower middle -income economies , as well as other
1 Terminology a s per World Bank income groups: -world -bank -country -and -lending -groups .
Accessed 23 July 2 020.
Agenda item: 04a
Category: For Decision
Report to the Board
30 Ju ly 2020

5 August 2020

04a Annex A Terms of the COVAX AMC pdf

Report to the Board
Board -2020 -Mtg -4-Doc 04a -Annex A
Annex A : Terms of the COVAX AMC

This document sets out the main terms of the Gavi COVAX Advance Market
Commitment (? COVAX AMC ? or ? AMC ?).
Objectives and Eligibility
The objective of the COVAX AMC is to reduce the impact of COVID -19 in eligible
economies by accelerating the introduction and scale up of vaccines that protect
against COVID -19 (? Objective ?). Economies eligible to benefit from the COVAX AMC
will be [insert Gavi board decision] (? Eligible Economies ?). Eligible Economies which
are approved by the Gavi board shall be able to benefit from the COVAX AMC as
?Funded Economies ?.
Governments and other organisations (? AMC Donors ?) commit funds to the COVAX
AMC which will be made available to Gavi to support the Objective.
Role of Gavi under the COVAX AMC
Gavi policies shall apply to the COVAX AMC except where otherwise specified by the
Gavi Board.
The Gavi Secretariat shall administer the COVAX AMC. The Secretariat will enter into
Grant Agreements with AMC Dono rs, engage with Funded Economies, and enter into
agreements with vaccine manufacturers.
Engaging with Funded Economies
The engagement with Funded Economies will include:
? Discussions about economies? interest in applying for support for COVID -19
vaccines, and readiness to introduce these vaccines
? Development of and applications for COVID -19 vaccine programmes as
approved by the Gavi Board
Engaging with manufacturers
The Secretariat will negotiate and enter into agreements (such as advance purchas e
commitments) with manufacturers which commit to procurement of vaccines that meet
the WHO TPP on behalf of Funded Economies.
The Pharmaceutical Manufacturers will be expected to:
1. Use any payment advances towards the production of its COVID -19 vaccine
pro gramme;
2. Inform Gavi periodically of its progress in its COVID -19 vaccine programme(s);
3. Deliver its production of its COVID -19 vaccine programme to Eligible
Economies in the terms and conditions defined in the Vaccine Purchase
Commitment Agreement; and
4. In t he event of not being able to comply with the Vaccine Purchase Commitment
Agreement, inform the Gavi opportunely to negotiate its termination and settle
the applicable penalties and/or compensations to the Facility as determined by
the contract.

5 August 2020

04a Annex B COVAX AMC Group Proposed eligible economies pdf

Report to the Board
Board -2020 -Mtg -4-Doc 04a -Annex B
Annex B : The COVAX AMC Group: proposed eligible economies
List based on World Bank 2018 GNI data, released in July 2019
World Bank
Low income Afghanistan
Burkina Faso
Central African Republic
Congo, Dem. Rep.
Gambia, The
Guinea -Bissau
Korea, Dem. People's Rep.
Sierra Leone
South Sudan
Syrian Arab Republic
Yemen, Rep.
Lower middle income Angola
Cabo Verde
Congo, Rep.
C?te d'Ivoire
Egypt, Arab Rep.
Report to the Board
Board -2020 -Mtg -4-Doc 04a -Annex B
El Salvador
Kyrgyz Republic
Micronesia, Fed. Sts.
Papua New Guinea
S?o Tom? and Principe
Solomon Islands
Timor -Leste
West Bank and Gaza
Additional IDA eligible Dominica
Marshall Islands
St. Lucia
St. Vincent and the Grenadines

5 August 2020

04a Annex C Lessons from Gavi s AMC for PCV pdf

Report to the Board
Board -2020 -Mtg -4-Doc 04a -Annex C
Annex C : Lessons from Gavi?s Advance Market Commitment for Pneumococcal
Conjugate Vaccines
Original objectives
The Advance Market Commitments (AMC) for Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines
(PCVs) was launched in 2009 with the aim of reducing morbidity and mortality from
pneumococcal disease, preventing an estimated seven million childhood deaths by
2030. The objectives of the pilot AMC were:
? To accelerate the development of vaccines that meet LIC and LMIC needs.
? To bring forward the a vailability of these vaccines for LICs and LMICs.
? To accelerate the uptake of vaccines by ensuring predictable vaccine pricing
for countries and manufacturers.
? To test the effectiveness of the AMC mechanism as an incentive for needed
Results to d ate
Backed with funding from six donors including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,
Canada, Italy, Norway, Russia and the United Kingdom, the AMC has been successful
? Driving down the tail price of PCV from $3.50 in 2010 to $2.00 in 2020
? Accelerati ng vaccine supply, with PCV introduced in implementing countries a
year after introduction in HICs, compared to a typical delay of 10 years, and
uptake to meet growing demand, with the vaccine now introduced in 60
? Improving market health for PCV; three manufacturers are now supplying Gavi
The experience of the AMC for PCVs is being used to inform decisions made around
the new COVAX AMC. Specific lessons include:
? Flexible governance structures which are simple to monitor and adjust
according to supply and demand uncertainty in the market ar e critical.
? Clear prioritisation of outcomes drives focus of objectives and leads to greater
achievement of those outcomes.
? Successful engagement with the biopharmaceutical industry improves
sustainability of initiatives; enabling manufacturers to adopt a commercially
viable strategy is critical
? Complementary forces to an AMC are critical for creating the enabling
environment necessary for its success.
For further details, please see the 2019 Annual Report conducted by the AMC
Secretariat, or the 2018 Impact Evaluation conducted by the Boston Consulting Group.
A new impact evaluation will be conducted in 2021 after the AMC has closed.

5 August 2020

04b COVAX Facility Structure and Governance pdf


Board -2020 -Mtg -4-Doc 04b
Classified as Internal

Section A: Summary
Following the launch of the ACT Accelerator with the goal of achieving equitable
access to new COVID -19 therapeutics, diagnostics and vaccines , Gavi has led on
the preliminary technical design of the COVAX Facility (the ?Facility ?), a global
mechanism to pool resources and demand for a COVID -19 vaccine with the goal
of accelerat ing the availability of and access to safe and efficacious vaccine s, and
on the design of the COVAX A dvance Market Commitment (the ? COVAX AMC ?),
a financing mechanism to ensure access to COVID -19 vaccines .
To realise the objectives of the Facility, a legal entity is required to enter into
agreements with high income economies and upper middle -income economies
wishing to participate in the Facility and potential manufacturers of a COVID -19
vaccine . A number of legal options for the Facility were explored ; however, g iven
the urg en cy for the Facility to be ope rational quickly in order to enter into advance
purchase contracts with manufacturers and considering Gavi?s unique experience
in accelerating access to vaccines in low income economies and credibility with
high income economies as well as manufacturers, it is proposed that Gavi
administer the Facility . Administrative costs, including resourcing needs, would be
covered by incremental funding . If the Board approves Gavi as administrator of the
Facility, a governance mechanism is p roposed that builds on Gavi?s existing
structures as much as possible , while recogni sing the need for certain new bodies
and advisory functions .
Questions this paper addresses
1) Given the urgency to operationalise the Facility, should Gavi serve as the
administrator of the Facility?
2) What are the risks and challenges of Gavi serving as administrator for the
Facility and how can the se risks and challenges be managed ?
3) What governan ce arrangements sh ould be in place to ensure that
responsibilities to oversee the Facility and decision -making sit with the
appropriate governing bodies , for example, should the MSDC be expanded to
included representatives of self -financing countries for the purpose of reviewing
the business terms of COVAX agreements with manufacturers ?
Agenda item: 04b
Category: For Decision
Report to the Board
30 July 2020

5 August 2020

04b Annex A Table options admin COVAX Facility pdf

Report to the Board

Annex A : Alternative options explored for the ad ministration of the Facility and
key reasons for not exploring further 1
Board -2020 -Mtg -4-Doc 04b -Annex A
Option Advantages Disadvantages Key reasons for not
exploring further
1. A new legal
(established as
an affiliate of
Gavi) is
established for
the purposes of
contracting for
and holding
funds on behalf
of the COVAX

? No recourse to Gavi itself,
means Gavi?s balance sheet
is not at risk as a result of the
COVAX Facility.
? Gavi?s ownership of the new
legal entity however lends
Gavi?s credibility and
experience to the structure.
? Opportunity to design a
bespoke administration
architecture for the COVAX
? Outsourcing of administration
to Gavi, and a third -party
treasury manager leverages
existing expertise from
previous innovative finance
mechanisms, including the
Pneumo AMC .
? Counterparties (e.g.
manufacturers, and
participants) have no
contractual recourse beyond
the assets owned by this new
affiliated legal entity. The
entity would report to its own
Board of Directors.
? High transaction costs
? Additional structural
complexit y brought by the
additional entity.
? The setup of the new legal
entity is a condition
precedent for being able to
enter into transactions with
manufacturers which will
delay implementation and
achievement of the Facility?s
objectives and this could take
up to a month just to set up
? Unclear whether sufficient
advantage would be obtained
over using Gavi?s existing
structure, given the short
period the Facility is
expected to be operational
? Introduces additional
governance bodies into
decision making , leading to
potential cross over with
Gavi?s governance and
creating complexities

? Need to set up of the legal
entity resulting in delays
and high transaction costs

2. An existing
third -party
should one be
administers the
COVAX Facility
? Provides credibility of an
experienced third -party
administrator for such a high -
profile project
? Keeps distinct roles of Self -
financing Participants and
Funded Participants
? Minimises/eliminated Gavi
Balance Sheet risk

? Hard to ensure a
seamless cooperation
between the COVAX AMC
administered by Gavi and
a third party administering
the COVAX Facility
? Level of experience in
vaccine delivery and
credibility with high income
and upper middle -income
economies and
manufacturers from a third
par ty would need to be
? Additional steps would be
expected to have the
Secretariat handing over
the expressions of interest
and build a new
relationship between Self -
financing Participants and
the third party
? Separate entities
administering the COVAX
? Need to (i) identify a
third party with required
level of expertise and
credibility and (ii)
handover to such third
party resulting in delays
? Requested level of
cooperation between
AMC and Facility
expected to create
structural complexity

5 August 2020

04b Annex B Risk analysis pdf

Report to the Board
Board -2020 -Mtg -4-Doc 04b -Annex B
Annex B ? Risk analysis

1. Risk of inaction - Gavi not administering the COVAX Facility

Complexity/delays of setting up other mechanisms or inaction will cause missed
opportunities, with a massive negative impact on global health such as:
- The Facility is at risk of not being established at all, or at a time where it would
have missed numerous opportunities to build a successful portfolio of
candidate vaccines. As explained in this paper, it would be difficult to find an
alternative to Gavi, with the possibility that no third party picks up the COVAX
- Vaccine provision to developing economies would become fragmented or
delayed: should a Facility go ahead without Gavi?s involvement, the challenges
resulting from the cooperation between the two entities could result in
inefficiencies, while still being labour intensive
- Suboptimal investment strategy in vaccine candidates,
- Lack of sufficient incentives for manufacturers to scale up develop vaccines,
- GHS/pandemic continues,
- Routine immunisation disruption in Gavi supported economies continues

2. Risk of Gavi administering the COVAX Facility

Gavi administering the COVAX Faci lity is not exempt from risks including:
- Impact on core business (ringfencing, resourcing)
- Challenges of multi stakeholder coordination/governance
- Challenges of engaging with HICs/UMICs on their own behalf as opposed to
with respect to ODA
- Reputational/li ability/geopolitical/security risks that come with the raised profile
of working with SARS -Cov -2 vaccines at a time of unprecedented
rumours/antivaccine sentiment/heightened political concerns/nationalism
- Impact on core business (ringfencing, resourcing)
- Risks associated with the allocation methodology
- Risks associated with Gavi being engaged in an innovative finance mechanism
in relation with COVID -19 vaccines (supply shortages, regulatory issues,
oversupply and liability guarantees, default by Participant s on commitments

However, should Gavi administer the COVAX Facility these risks can be managed
by framing Gavi?s engagement in the COVAX Facility within the principles defined
in this Paper, through legal contracts and bank guarantees for certain fi nancial risk
and through the establishment of a dedicated risk management framework.

5 August 2020

04b Annex C Market Sensitive Decisions Committee Charter pdf




1. P U RP O S E
The Market -Sensitive Decisions Committee (?Committee? or ?the MSDC ?) is
established by the Board (?Board?) of the Gavi Alliance (?Gavi ?) to support the Board
in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities .
The Committee will make decisions which are market and/or commercially sensitive,
subject to powers reserved specifically to the Board in Article 13 of the Statutes.
Words and expressions used in this Charter shall, unless the context requires
otherwise, have the meaning attributed to them in the Gavi By -laws Board and
Committee Operating Procedures (?Operating Procedures?) .
2. C O V A X
Additionally, with Gavi having assumed the administration of the COVAX Facility 1, and
es tablished the COVAX AMC 2, the Committee will undertake any decisions associated
with transactions effected through the COVAX Facility (hereinafter shall be take n to
include both the COVAX Facility and the COVAX AMC unless express ly stated
otherwise , as described ).
2. 3. M E M B E RS H I P
The membership , resources, responsibilities and authorities of the Committee to
perform its role effectively is are stipulated in this Charter, which may be amended by
the Board as and when required or deemed necessary and is are specifically governed
by Article 18 of the Statutes and Section 18 of the Operating Procedures Gavi ?s By -laws ,
Article 4 which govern s Committee member appointment , including relevant

1 COVID -19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX) Facility ? a time -limited mechanism designed to
pool global COVID -19 vaccine demand and country resources toward incentivising
manufacturers to expand production capacity so that a large number of vaccine doses are
available rapidly to deploy globally in a n equitable manner. 2 The COVAX AMC is a finance mechanism supported by ODA funding to ensure that
implementing countries have equitable access to vaccines made available through the COVAX
Facility .




5 August 2020

04b Annex D Facility resourcing needs over time pdf

Report to the Board
Board -2020 -Mtg -4-Doc 04b -Annex D
Annex D : Facility resourcing needs over time

4 This document reflects ongoing work and discussions within the Gavi Secretariat to propose aglobal COVID-19 vaccine coordination mechanism. The design of the mechanism and Gavi's rolemay evolve based on consultations outcome and Gavi Board review.Its contents are confidential and should not bedisclosed to any unauthorised persons.
R e s o u rc in g n e e d s a re e x p e c te d to v a ry s h o rt- v s . lo n g -te rm
im plications
?S urge period? (next 3-6 m onths)
Extra / ?surge? resource need to absorb the bolus of work for the
Facility design, deal making, engagem ent with countries and fund
Com plete design (incl. coordination with CEPI and W HO)
Identify candidates, structure and finalize deals with m anufacturers
(partly in collaboration with CEPI)
Conduct pipeline analytics / forecasting
Engage countries to finalize EOI/sign term sheets
Set up IT systems, monitoring & evaluation tools, fram eworks
Drive legal agreem ents with manufacturers and countries
Support recruitment of Facility staff
Identify and ?attract donors?
Define financing mechanism s for new countries for GAVI
S teady state (im plem entation m ode)
Refine design as situation evolves (country participation, evolution of
pandemic & pipeline) & continue coordination
Core team of fully dedicated professionals to drive the
im plem entation of the Facility
Manage deals with m anufacturers and continue to ?enrich? portfolio
(as function of the pandemic) -coordinate procurement activities
Continue analytics / forecasting
Drive continued country and other stakeholder engagement (incl.
Drive monitoring & evaluation
Continue resource mobilization & advocacy work
Design &
Deal making &

5 August 2020

05 Review of decisions No paper pdf


Board -2020 -Mtg -4-Doc 05
Report to the Board
30 Ju ly 20 20

Agenda item: 05
No paper

Last updated: 25 Jan 2021

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