Global Vaccine Impact Conference | 13-15 June 2023 | MADRID

Raising Generation immUnity

Gavi's Global Vaccine Impact Conference took place on 13-15 June 2023 in Madrid, Spain.

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Global Vaccine Impact Conference | Highlights

The Global Vaccine Impact Conference is bringing together some of the biggest names in global immunisation in Madrid from the 13-15 June. Here are some of the key moments the conference.


The poetry of prevention



The conference

The Global Vaccine Impact Conference marks a critical milestone in Gavi's current strategic period. Co-hosted by the Government of Spain, the meeting will convene world leaders and immunisation experts to take stock of the Vaccine Alliance's progress against key objectives and develop strategies to address the challenges and opportunities of the future. The conference's theme, "Raising Generation ImmUnity" celebrates the Vaccine Alliance's achievement in protecting a whole generation of children from potentially fatal infectious diseases since 2000.



Sustainability message

To mitigate the environmental impact of the Global Vaccine Impact Conference and balance the CO2 emissions caused by the travel and logistical necessities of the event, Gavi has worked with MyClimate to invest in a project to provide biogas systems to benefit Nepalese families.

This project reduces CO2 emissions, improves health, creates jobs, supports women, reduces deforestation and improves soil health, biodiversity and habitats.



Parkha (10) with her brother Asif (5) stand outsider their house observing health worker during the door-to-door polio campaign in Rasheed Garhi, Peshawar city, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan. Credit: Asad Zaidi/Gavi/2023

Madrid conference marks reaching over 1 billion children vaccinated, reviews progress and resolves to tackle challenges

The Global Vaccine Impact Conference closed today, as the Vaccine Alliance marked more than 1 billion children vaccinated through its programmes – while looking to the future and focusing on the power of innovation and collaboration to tackle challenges in the post-pandemic era.

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Stay Connected

As it will be an in-person conference, we will look into multiple ways to keep you connected before, during, and after the event, through updates, videos, photos, and readouts.

We look forward to seeing you in Madrid for what promises to be a fantastic event. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

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Host Country and Support


Spain, a long-standing supporter of Gavi, will host the conference. Spain has played a crucial role in supporting vaccination during the pandemic as a donor of COVID-19 vaccines via the COVAX dose-sharing mechanism. The Spanish government has also contributed funding to the Gavi COVAX Advance Market Commitment (AMC) and pledged towards Gavi's malaria vaccine programme. This support is underpinned by a long-standing partnership with "la Caixa" Foundation.

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