Global vaccine impact conference | 13-15 June 2023 | MADRID

Raising Generation immUnity

Gavi's upcoming Mid-Term Review will take place on 13-15 June 2023 in Madrid, Spain.

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The conference

This will be our first in-person conference since the pandemic began and a critical milestone to take stock of our progress and performance since the start of our 5th strategy period. The conference will convene heads of state and government and other world leaders committed to extending the power of immunisation to the world's most vulnerable people in an unprecedented multilateral effort through the Vaccine Alliance. The conference's theme will be "Raising Generation ImmUnity," celebrating Gavi's achievement in protecting generations of children from potentially fatal infectious diseases.

Host Country and Support

Spain, a long-standing supporter of Gavi, will host the conference. Spain has played a crucial role in supporting vaccination during the pandemic as a donor of COVID-19 vaccines via the COVAX dose-sharing mechanism. The Spanish government has also contributed funding to the Gavi COVAX Advance Market Commitment (AMC) and pledged towards Gavi's malaria vaccine programme. This support is underpinned by a long-standing partnership with "la Caixa" Foundation.

Spain to co-host 2023 Vaccine Alliance High-Level Summit on Immunisation

The high-level summit, co-hosted by Gavi and Spain, will be an opportunity to look back on the immunisation strategy outlined by the Vaccine Alliance at 2020’s Global Vaccine Summit in London. Despite severe disruption caused by the pandemic, recent years have also highlighted the capacity for resilience in immunisation – with more vaccines administered by lower-income countries in 2021 than at any other time in history.

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Stay Connected

As it will be an in-person conference, we will look into multiple ways to keep you connected before, during, and after the event, through updates, videos, photos, and readouts.

We look forward to seeing you in Madrid for what promises to be a fantastic event. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

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