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    Launched at Davos in 2016, Innovation for Uptake, Scale and Equity in Immunisation (INFUSE) incubates tried and tested innovations that have potential to improve vaccine delivery. It then “infuses” them with capital and expertise to help take them to scale.

  • Global immunisation coverage has stalled at around 80% for several years. It takes new thinking and technology to modernise delivery systems and ensure life-saving vaccines reach all children.

    Drawing on the comparative advantages of businesses, governments and other partners, Gavi created INFUSE to help countries accelerate the introduction of cutting edge technology.

    Each year the most promising innovations are selected as INFUSE Pacesetters to receive Gavi and partner support. By connecting local entrepreneurs to Alliance partners, INFUSE creates an innovation ecosystem that brings to bear new ideas and technologies that can revolutionise immunisation.

    INFUSE also helps advance gender equality by providing a platform that encourages female entrepreneurship. Some INFUSE Pacesetters are women-led businesses, which are proven to not only drive economic growth, but also act as catalysts for social change.

    In 2017, the Government of Canada and the United Arab Emirates became sponsors of INFUSE; providing catalytic funding to ensure equitable access to immunisation delivery solutions in Gavi implementing countries.

  • About INFUSE

    INFUSE helps improve vaccine delivery systems by connecting high-impact innovations with the countries that need them most.

  • INFUSE community

    The INFUSE community brings leaders in business, health, and government together with the best and brightest minds in innovation.

  • INFUSE 2019

    Deadline: April 11th (1:00am CET) 

  • Gavi CEO on INFUSE 2018

    Dr Seth Berkley emphasises the compelling need for technology innovations to improve digital identity registration and vaccine tracking.

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