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The Gavi 'Eyewitness' series of feature stories bring to life the diverse work of the Vaccine Alliance, with in-country reports, interviews and the latest developments in immunisation

30 April 2015


DR Congo's introduction of inactivated polio vaccine – seen through the eyes of a mother and father

As DR Congo takes a vital step toward eradicating the scourge of polio, Evariste and Marie-Josée tell Gavi’s Fred Tissandier why the inactivated polio vaccine is so critical to securing a healthy future for their children.

21 April 2015


Mobile phones help vaccines reach every child in Laos

In Vientiane, text messages don’t just close the communications gap. They are also closing the immunisation coverage gap.

12 October 2012

Anne and her daughter_l

How pneumonia almost killed Emmanuelle

In the paediatric ward of Bacongo hospital, in a neighbourhood of Brazzaville, Anne Loumpangou tells UNICEF’s Jean Marie Samuel Ouenabio how her three-year-old daughter Emmanuelle almost died from pneumonia – one of the developing world’s biggest child killers.


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