Geneva, 12 May 2021The Government of Japan yesterday announced that it will host the virtual Gavi COVAX Advance Market Commitment (AMC) Summit on June 2nd 2021. The event, co-hosted by Japanese Prime Minister H.E. Suga Yoshihide and José Manuel Barroso, Chair of the Gavi Board, will aim to secure at least US $8.3 billion for 2020-21 in order to accelerate access to 1.8 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses for lower-income economies via the Gavi COVAX Advance Market Commitment by raising an additional US$ 2 billion from donors and the private sector in addition to US$ 6.3 billion raised before the campaign was launched at the “One World Protected” event on April 15th.

The summit host, Japan, which was one of the first countries to join COVAX, has pledged US$ 300 million to Gavi’s 2021-2025 vaccination programmes at the Gavi Global Vaccine Summit in June 2020 and has already disbursed US$ 200 million to COVAX AMC.

Securing 1.8 billion doses would enable the AMC to protect nearly 30% of the population in all AMC countries, or roughly half the entire adult population. Currently, the AMC has funds in place to protect approximately 20% of populations, equivalent to all health and social care workers, elderly and those with underlying health conditions. The additional funds are also urgently needed to diversify the portfolio in times of supply uncertainty; secure access to doses for delivery in 2021 and early 2022; and plan the scenarios and strategy for public health needs for 2022 and beyond.

In addition to securing resources to accelerate global vaccination coverage, the Summit will bring together world leaders, the private sector, civil society and key technical partners to reflect on the challenges, successes and lessons learned; and look ahead to potential scenarios to address the pandemic and bolster global health security for the future.

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