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How Cameroon is making the Africa Cup of Nations COVID-safe

While there were concerns over the threat posed by COVID-19 at Africa’s premiere football tournament, host nation Cameroon is working hard to limit the spread.

Journalists fighting the pandemic: Cameroon's COVID-19 unsung heroes

The media men and women in the country are doing their all to reverse this phenomenon.

Vaccine Ambassadors: The race to vaccinate Cameroon’s school communities

Cameroon is considering taking COVID-19 vaccines to schools amid a rise in the number of new cases.

Cameroon is dealing with two conflicts amid the pandemic

The war against Boko Haram in Cameroon's northern region and the struggle against armed secessionists in the west have taken a significant toll on vaccine roll-out.

Why Africa needs to manufacture its own vaccines

Dr John Nkengasong is a Cameroonian virologist and Director of the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC), which is working to strengthen the ability of Africa’s public health institutions to detect and respond to disease…

All aboard! Cameroon’s race to vaccinate every child

Cameroonian health workers are going the distance to reach the remote Island of Manoka on a quest to ensure that no child is left behind.

COVAX roll-out - Cameroon

Cameroon COVAX vaccine roll-out information and latest news.

Is the colonial era still impacting people’s health today?

A new study suggests that historical traumas from the French colonial era may be associated with less trust in modern medicine and lower vaccination rates today.

How COVID-19 is placing increased pressure on water resources for farmers in Cameroon

In Cameroon’s Marua region, the pandemic means farmers are now faced with the double challenge of using what limited water resources they have to grow crops while saving lives through handwashing.

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