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Detailed product profiles help countries decide which vaccine presentations are the best “fit” for their immunisation programmes.

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Credit: Pfizer/2016.


Detailed product profiles (DPPs) give countries easy access to up-to-date and comprehensive information on Gavi-supported vaccines. They also provide an overview of all WHO prequalified products for the vaccine groups that Gavi supports.

The DPPs allow countries to compare prequalified vaccine products, informing them of all options. The DPPs are referenced in the application guidelines as important tools to facilitate decision-making.


When selecting the most appropriate product, countries are encouraged to consider factors beyond procurement cost and country co-financing requirements. The DPPs also include information on vaccine presentations, wastage rates, manufacturers, cold chain volume and handling. They are updated on a fixed schedule (at least every six months) or more frequently if required.


Information contained in the DPPs comes from a variety of sources including the Gavi Secretariat, the WHO prequalified vaccines web page, WHO position papers and UNICEF’s product menu for vaccines supplied by UNICEF for Gavi-supported programmes.

277 million

Gavi support helped countries to immunise 277 million children between 2011 and 2015.


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