HPV vaccine demonstration programmes map

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Learn more about the HPV vaccine demonstration programmes that GAVI has approved for support in eight countries

Target districts: largely rural Dangme West in the south of the country | predominantly metropolitan Tamale Metro in the north

Target district: Kitui County

Target population group: 18,000 girls aged 9-13

Target districts: Vientiane Municipality | Vientiane Province.

Target districts: Soavinandriana rural district | Toamasina 1 urban district

Target districts: Zomba | Rumphi

Target population group: more than 10,000 girls per year starting September 2013

Target districts: Niamey II | Madarounfa

Target population group: 19,000 11-year-olds per year

Target district: Bo state

Target population group: mixture of school age, health facility and outreach

Target districts: Moshi urban, Moshi rural, Hai & Siha, Rombo in the Kilimanjaro region

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