Leaders’ Declaration - Immunise Africa 2020

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Investing in a Sustainable, Healthy Future for All


As African leaders, we are committed to continue investing in a sustainable and healthy future for all people on our continent.

We are making advances that are improving the health of Africa’s children. Child death rates are falling dramatically. Growing numbers of our children are attending school. The next generation is lighting the way to a bright future for Africa and the world.

As leaders of this dynamic, youthful continent, we will ensure that our children have access to the best, most sustainable technologies to provide them with the best possible start in life.

Broad-based inclusive growth is built on a healthy population and we recognise the benefit to our people of universal, routine immunisation against disease. Today, every country in the continent has access to vaccines that were not available to African children just a decade ago. This has been our success as leaders and partners of the Vaccine Alliance. We will be eternally grateful to our predecessor and colleague, President Nelson Mandela, who as chair of the first Gavi Board did so much to ensure the children of Africa had access to life-saving vaccines.

Our governments are increasing our investments in health services and contributing substantially to the costs of ensuring new vaccines reach our children. We commit to continue financing this vital contribution to the future of our continent.

Between 2016 and 2020, African countries will commit over US $700 million to the cost of bringing new vaccines to African children, through co-financing of Gavi support. This is in addition to the billions of dollars we already spend on health services through our increasing investments in health workers, infrastructure and logistics systems.

African governments are investing substantial amounts in immunisation services because we recognise the full value of vaccines.

We are committed partners in the Vaccine Alliance and we want Gavi to do more. We call on our development partners to join us. This is not a plea for charity but an offer to join us in making smart investments in the growth and development of this continent.

We carry President Mandela’s legacy and share his vision to ensure that the children of Africa have the opportunity of a healthy start to life and can grow and prosper as productive citizens.

Investing in the next generation is the best investment that we can make in Africa’s future.



Investing in a Sustainable, Healthy Future for All

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