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14 July 2021

Pen and paper in a digital age: tracking childhood immunisation in Kenya

It may not be high tech, but it works. Kenyan community health volunteers use tracking books to ensure that children receive routine vaccinations.

12 July 2021

Community Health Workers stop the spread of COVID-19 and polio in Nairobi’s slums

Community health volunteers collaborated with local structures in the slums to help inhabitants survive lockdown and stop the spread of disease.

6 July 2021

Reaching remote villages in Kenya: “We have to go to them”

Nurse Rashid Abdi knows how challenging it can be to keep vaccines cold all the way from manufacture to inoculation – especially when your patients are the children of pastoralists in rural Isiolo county, Kenya.

6 July 2021

Africa ‘tech hub’ aims to fill COVID-19 vaccine gap

New mRNA tech transfer hub to be established in South Africa. Facility will provide training and licences for vaccine development. Less than one per cent in Africa have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

5 July 2021

Unlocking Girls’ Potential Through Technology

The pandemic has exacerbated pre-existing inequalities, not least those disadvantaging women and girls in low- and middle-income countries. Fortunately, with today’s digital technologies, those providing health information and services for girls…

5 July 2021

Kenyans use their polio fighting network to tackle COVID-19

A rich network of community volunteers in Nairobi are putting skills they developed during anti-polio activities to work tackling COVID-19, and mobilising slum dwellers to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

25 June 2021

Despite the pandemic, Kenya rolls out measles-rubella vaccinations

Beginning today, Kenya’s Ministry of Health is beginning a major new measles-rubella vaccination campaign to defend against outbreaks.

14 June 2021

Floods hampering the vaccine roll-out in Western Kenya

Amidst the challenges that COVID-19 has brought, flooding in Kenya has made it even harder for the people of Kisumu County.

28 May 2021

Encouraging vaccination in Nairobi: “If we work on awareness and motivation, we are good to go”

Pamela Anyango is on a mission to boost vaccine coverage in Dandora, Kenya, home to a garbage dump that has been labelled the ‘cradle of the next pandemic’.

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