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20 October 2021

Immunisation relieves the financial burden for families in Kenya

In Kenya, people often rely on their community for assistance in covering medical expenses. Immunisation changes this for the better.

15 October 2021

Convincing nomadic populations to get the jab in Northern Kenya

For the Gosha community, vaccines are not only protecting them from COVID-19, but are also bringing development to their area.

7 October 2021

Can Kenya eliminate malaria?

Kenya is aiming to eliminate malaria entirely by 2030, with the world’s first malaria vaccine forming an important tool in its arsenal. The country’s youth is playing an important role.

5 October 2021

How will vaccinating camels boost uptake of COVID-19 vaccines?

Authorities in Kenyan border regions have come up with an innovative way to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations among herder communities: combine it with animal vaccination.

24 September 2021

COVID-19 is changing Kenyan nomads’ attitudes towards immunisation

COVID-19 is hitting nomads in Kenya’s Rift Valley hard. They are turning away from traditional medicine and customs as a result.

20 September 2021

COVID-19 vaccine roll-out gathers pace in Kisumu, Kenya

In Kisumu, which is still recovering from the after-effects of flooding, authorities are working to bring vaccines to the beleaguered residents.

13 September 2021

Kenya accelerates its COVID-19 vaccination programme

Kenya has ramped up its COVID-19 vaccination programme, expanding the list of who can get vaccinated.

2 September 2021

Canada donates doses through COVAX – Nigeria, Kenya and Niger to receive first doses

Three countries in Africa will receive the first Canadian-donated doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine – Nigeria (801,600 doses), Kenya (459,300) and Niger (100,800) – as part of an overall Canadian pledge of over 40 million doses to COVAX

26 August 2021

Combining seasonal malaria vaccination with chemoprevention can cut malaria deaths in children by 70%

A new study suggests the RTS,S malaria vaccine alone is as effective as preventive antimalarials; together they could save thousands of lives.

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