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Kenya’s HPV vaccine strategies re-activated for COVID-19

Strategies to ensure effective HPV vaccinations in Kenya have been modified to boost rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Kenya’s Health Ministry partners with NGO to ramp up COVID-19 vaccination

The partnership with SHOFCO is expected to support the government’s push to administer 20 million jabs between January and June 2022, as well as keep routine immunisation going.

Kangaroo care saving babies’ lives in rural Kenya

Kangaroo care – close skin to skin contact with a baby from birth – is not only helping premature babies to survive in Eastern Kenya, it is also helping to change perceptions around COVID-19.

Social media helps boost vaccine coverage in Kenya

Social media and digital advertising has contributed to an increase in immunisation in Kenya.

Vaccinating in Kenya’s remote Samburu and Turkana counties

The county governments in Samburu and Turkana have collaborated to ensure that villagers are vaccinated.

How did Kenya surpass its 2021 COVID-19 vaccination target?

Kenya was aiming to reach 10 million people with COVID-19 vaccines by the end of December 2021. Thanks to a clear strategy, COVAX support and the hard work of thousands of health workers, they reached their target.

When it rains: how the global climate crisis is already threatening public health on the shores of Lake Victoria

Faced with the many disease threats posed by repeated, calamitous floods, Nyando in western Kenya needs its health services more than ever. But longer-term resiliency will require more than just a shot in the arm.

Workers at a Kenyan syringe company set the record straight

Workers from a syringe-making company in Kilifi, Kenya have been changing minds around the COVID-19 vaccine.

Kisumu County’s 100-day immunisation campaign

In November 2021 Kenya’s Kisumu County launched a large scale measles-rubella vaccine campaign to reach 100% of unvaccinated children.

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