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Early notice of RFP opportunity: technical assistance services to support Ethiopia’s immunisation programme

Gavi seeks to recruit technical assistance (TA) partner(s) to provide support to the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) to plan, design, execute and monitor strategies in the following investment areas:  

  • Supply chain: this TA aims to achieve the objective of increasing capacity and quality of vaccine storage and distribution to improve vaccine availability, especially in the last mile.
  • Health information systems, and monitoring and learning: this TA aims to achieve the objectives of: (i) improving data use-related capacity, tools, evidence-generation and/or systems for programme monitoring and learning, especially at subnational level; and (ii) strengthening information systems relevant to identifying and reaching zero-dose and under-immunised children.
  • Demand-generation and community engagement: this TA aims to achieve the objective of addressing gender considerations in the planning and implementation of immunisation services.
  • Governance, policy, strategic planning and programme management: this TA aims to achieve the objective of strengthening capacity of governance/technical bodies for planning, coordination and tracking progress at all levels, particularly for reaching zero-dose children.

The Request for Proposals (RFP) will be published on this webpage in late February 2024, so please feel free to share this information with your network, and check this webpage in late February.

RFP: Technical Assistance Services to support Ethiopia Immunisation Programme on Service Delivery for Immunisation and PHC

Gavi seeks to recruit technical assistance (TA) partner(s) to provide support to the EPI to plan, design execute and monitor service delivery strategies for new and traditional vaccines in the Ethiopian immunisation programme.

RFP: 2024 Investment Opportunity in France

Gavi is seeking support from an event management company in relation to delivery of a 2-day event. We expect to host approx. 250 external guests including Ministers of Health from both Gavi donor and recipient countries, several Heads of State and various high-level dignitaries from the host country.

RFP: Switch Assessments for Gavi Hexavalent and MCV programs.

In order to respond to current evidence needs and document country implementation processes, impacts, challenges, lessons learned and associated costs, Gavi is seeking for (a) provider(s) to 1) Explore mechanisms to support enhanced decision-making, implementation, monitoring, and impact evaluation of the multi-step switch from Pentavalent + IPV to Hexavalent; and 2) assess Measles Containing Vaccine (MCV) presentation switches in Gavi eligible country (ies) including impact, experiences, cost-effectiveness, and lessons learned. A Service Provider may choose to respond with a proposal for either one or both objectives based on their capacity and comparative advantage. A Service Provider may create a consortium and / or sub-contract other Service Providers. In case of consortium, the contract will be signed only with the leading Service Provider that will be managing necessary contractual arrangements with other members of the consortium.

RFP: CSO engagement in Cambodia

Gavi wants to diversify its partnerships and specifically target partners that are well placed to support Cambodia's national efforts to reach zero-dose children and the communities where they live. Such partners, specifically civil society organizations (CSOs) and local partners, can potentially play critical roles in this effort by offering a diverse range of expertise to increase equitable and sustainable use of vaccines

RFP: Appui Technique pour le Renforcement du Système de Sante pour la Vaccination et l’Amélioration de la Performance et les Résultats du PEV dans 23 Districts Prioritaires en RCA.

GAVI, en collaboration avec le Ministère de la Sante de la République centrafricaine lance un appel à candidature pour la contractualisation de toute organisation nationale, régionale ou internationale qualifiée afin de faire une proposition technique et financière pour soutenir le ministère de la sante aux fins de répondre au besoin d’améliorer la performance et les résultats du programme d’immunisation de la République Centrafricaine dans les 23 districts prioritaires soutenus par GAVI, et ceci - durant la période de 2024 à 2025.

Last updated: 21 Feb 2024

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