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31 December 2023

Early Notice of RFP Opportunities for Gavi Evaluations

The Centralised Evaluation Team (CET) within the Evaluation and Learning Unit (EvLU) at Gavi is responsible for the commissioning and day-to-day management of evaluations, including ensuring the utility, quality and timely delivery of evaluation reports and disseminating the findings. The document provides information on the current pipeline of centralized evaluations to be commissioned in 2023 through future RFPs.

30 June 2023

RFP: Research agenda management and support for data extraction, synthesis, and packaging of learning products

In support of operationalizing the Gavi 5.0 learning system, this RFP aims to identify Service Provider(s) to achieve two objectives:

Objective 1-Managing research agendas:  Identify Service Provider(s) able to plan (in response to articulated research questions and / or learning priorities) and commission a portfolio of research studies to generate evidence: a) for selected vaccines (focus areas will be specified in due course although likely to include Ebola vaccines, Hep B birth dose, human rabies post exposure prophylaxis, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR), Typhoid Conjugate vaccine (TCV), and Oral Cholera vaccine (OCV) and b) programmatic areas for optimization (e.g.  zero dose, campaign quality and effectiveness; vaccine switch economic analysis, etc.) 

Objective 2-Routine data extraction and synthesis: Identify Service Provider(s) to support Gavi in producing, reviewing, summarising and packaging learning products that respond to critical Gavi learning needs.

A Service Provider may choose to respond with a proposal for either one or each objective based on their capacity and comparative advantage. However, preference is for one supplier to deliver on both objectives.

23 June 2023

RFQ: Pillar 3- Regional Vaccine Manufacturing Pillars: Demand assurance and pact strategic approach, services.

Gavi is seeking the services of a Service provider to support strategic policy engagement and positioning of Gavi’s Regional Vaccine Manufacturing – Pillar 3 agenda.

23 June 2023

Consultancy: Data and Analytics – Data Integration

To develop integration design and implement the integration through data engineering data services and APIs. The data engineer also liaises with the wider KMTS (Knowledge Management and Technology Solutions) teams to design and implement data architecture to a limited degree.

21 June 2023

Consultancy: Public Policy And Advocacy Climate, Health And Immunisation

To combine knowledge of the evolving future pandemic preparedness agenda including on financing and governance, stakeholder engagement and cross-secretariat advisory. This consultancy will focus on providing technical assistance to Gavi to develop its approach on climate, health and immunisation.

20 June 2023

Consultancy: To support Gavi Regional Vaccine Manufacturing strategy and Public Policy Engagement

To support specific activities in line with Gavi Regional Vaccine Manufacturing strategy and Public Policy Engagement team’s objectives and priorities.

20 June 2023

RFP: Engagement des OSC au Cameroun

Gavi sollicite le support des Organisations de la Société Civile au Cameroun afin de contribuer à l’objectif de réduction du nombre d’enfants zéro-dose (ZD) et sous-vaccinés ainsi qu’à l’atteinte des communautés manquées mais aussi afin de soutenir la vaccination contre le COVID-19 parmi les populations cibles

16 June 2023

Consultancy: Knowledge Management & Technology Solutions, Planning & Governance Office Lead

To take over the ‘Knowledge Management & Technology Solutions’ team temporarily, including project management office (PMO), change management office (CMO), IT governance, IT communication, IT workforce management, IT process excellence, and IT operational performance.

7 June 2023

Consultancy: Specialiste Dans L’élaboration Du Processus De Planification De L’ensemble Du Portefeuille Mauritanie

L’objectif général de cette consultation est d’appuyer le pays dans l’élaboration du paquet de demande de soutien dans le cadre de la préparation de la stratégie 5.0 en Mauritanie (planification globale-FPP).

5 June 2023

RFP: Intelligent Maintenance and Planning Tool Software Developer, Solution Provider or Systems Integrator

Gavi is seeking a software developer, solution provider, or systems integrator to take over the hosting and maintenance of IMPT and work with Gavi and CCE manufacturers to integrate countries’ equipment data into the tool. Nexleaf will work with the firm until the end of September 2023 to ensure a smooth transition, with the firm taking over full-time in August 2023.

Last updated: 15 Sep 2021

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