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  • Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance is currently inviting offers for the Request for Proposals (RFP) listed below. Proposals should be for specific RFP’s for which proposals meet all the listed criteria.

  • Request for Information - Internal Audit Risk Verification Review (IARVF201804)

    Gavi seeks for its Internal Audit team in Geneva a consultant to conduct a risk verification review of the remaining processes that have not been previously audited.

    Download the Request for Information  

  • Request for Proposals: Monitoring Of Gavi Market Shaping Externalities

    In 2017, Gavi has identified key externalities of its market shaping activities and developed a monitoring plan to measure those. Gavi now wants to focus on the measurement of those externalities based on the monitoring plan developed.

    The purpose of the Gavi Market Shaping Externalities Monitoring Project will be to conduct the monitoring, analysis and reporting on key externalities, based on developed externalities framework and monitoring plan. The monitoring will focus on indicator assessment and reporting against counterfactual scenarios outlined in the externalities framework. The key purposes of the analysis are to identify potential indicator trends and positive or negative externalities, assess potential causal links with market shaping activities, and generate insights to improve and guide future externalities’ monitoring and assessment.

    Download the Request for Proposals  

  • Request for Information - Consultancy Public Policy Content Development (RFI-PPCD201804)

    Gavi seeks an independent contractor or institution to support the Public Policy Engagement team Public Policy content products with informative thematic analyses, arguments and framing of Gavi’s positioning on a number of issues and themes.

    Download the Request for Information  

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