Gavi Board meeting, 11-12 June 2013

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Gavi Board members in Geneva.
Source: Gavi/2013/Jay Louvion.

The Board met in Geneva, Switzerland, and welcomed the appointment of Joan Awunyo-Akaba to represent civil society organisations, and Jenny Da Rin (Australia) and Donal Brown (United Kingdom) to represent donor constituencies.

The Board also welcomed the appointment of Richard Sezibera, independent Board member, as Chair of the Programme and Policy Committee.

00a - Document list

00b - Agenda


01a - Declarations of interest

01b - Minutes from 4-5 December 2012

01c - Action sheet


01d - Board workplan

02a - Consent agenda: Board/Committee member appointments

02b - Consent agenda: Committee chairs and member terms: Changes to By-Laws and Committee Charters

02c - Consent agenda: Revision to the Investment Committee Charter

02d - Consent agenda: Board Travel Policy

02e - Consent agenda: Amendment to Programme Funding Policy

02f - Consent agenda: Internal audit reporting lines and terms of reference

02g - Consent agenda: Review of GAVI’s pilot prioritisation mechanism

03 - CEO’s report


04 - Committee Chair reports


05 - Financial forecast


06 - Vaccine investment strategy

07 - Polio and routine immunisation

08 - Chair’s reflections on the day – No paper

09 - Chair's overview and presentation of short film - No paper

10 - Presentation from CSOs on their activities in GAVI-eligible countries - No paper

11 - Country Programmes update (including Health and immunisation systems strengthening)

12 - Grant application, monitoring and review

13 - Mid-term review and fundraising update

14 - IFFIm report – No paper


15 - Risk management update

16 - Report of the internal auditor

17 - Review of decisions and actions - No paper


18 - Closing remarks and any other business - No paper

A - Annex – Committee minutes (For information only)

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