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09 May 2019


Inactivated polio vaccine now introduced worldwide

Momentous global effort enables record-breaking milestone for polio and immunisation.

12 March 2019

Gavi item

Gavi and Zenysis Technologies to bring data and artificial intelligence to immunisation programmes

The partnership supported by Asia’s largest internet services company Tencent will help developing countries reach more children with life-saving vaccines.

10 December 2018


UAE and Gavi convene leaders to focus on health for next generation

High-level meeting to review access to vaccines in low-income countries and how to accelerate impact.

29 November 2018

Gavi item

Gavi Board starts framing Alliance's approach to 2021-2025 period

Gavi Board approves in principle a set of new and expanded vaccine programmes.

10 September 2018

Vaccine heroes exhibit

Vaccine Heroes

A new Gavi photo exhibition in Geneva celebrates the health workers, campaigners, scientists and parents who reach millions of children with life-saving vaccines every year.

31 July 2018

INFUSE workshop

Fingerprint records and digital health cards to help solve global identity crisis

Four companies will receive Gavi support to help scale emerging digital identification technologies in developing countries.

26 July 2018

Fragile states - Rohingya refugee camp

Children in fragile states missing out on lifesaving vaccines

New vaccination figures show millions more children being immunised in world’s poorest countries.

07 June 2018

IPV DRC 2015

Gavi Board approves funding for inactivated poliovirus vaccine until 2020

Flexible support to Nigeria and post-transition countries also approved.

07 March 2018

Female vaccine heroes: two health workers, two scientists, a teacher and a town crier

If you know something about global health, you’ve probably heard of Edward Jenner or Jonas Salk, but what about the women who also helped lay the foundations for modern immunisation? Meet five remarkable women who pushed forward the frontiers of science.

07 March 2018

IWD Sri Lanka

How breaking gender barriers can increase immunisation coverage

Immunisation is generally known as one of the most gender-equal health interventions. But did you know that empowering women means more children – both boys and girls – get access to vaccines?

25 January 2018

Tanzania fridge 2014

WEF-Davos 2018: Gavi announces new private-sector partnerships

New partnerships announced by Gavi at WEF-Davos 2018 demonstrate the critical role of private sector expertise in helping developing countries increase immunisation coverage. Learn more about how and where the partnerships will make a difference.

21 December 2017

2017 letter

2017: responding to global challenges

Letter from Gavi's CEO, Dr Seth Berkley.

12 November 2017

PCV vaccine, Lahore, Pakistan

Pneumonia vaccine saves 500,000 lives in world's poorest countries

Over 109 million children in the developing world have now received pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV).

26 October 2017

Malawi MR 2017

24 October 2017

Bangladesh IPV PCV launch 2015

World Polio Day: Gavi's role in polio eradication

24 October marks World Polio Day, when the global community celebrates the immense progress and considers the work ahead to ensure no child suffers from polio again.

21 June 2017

Gavi Board meeting, 14-15 June 2017

The Gavi Board meeting was held in Geneva, Switzerland on 14-15 June 2017.

15 June 2017

DRC: a nurse vaccinates a child

Gavi to help protect millions more children against polio

Gavi Board agrees to extend support for inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) to 2020; new policy on fragile settings, emergencies and refugees also approved.

13 January 2017

Punjab, Pakistan: first baby to be vaccinated with the rotavirus vaccine

Punjab pioneers protect children from deadly diarrhoea

Rotavirus vaccine introduction paves the way for national roll-out in Pakistan.

10 November 2016


Measles jab saves over 20 million young lives in 15 years, but hundreds of children still die of the disease every day

Measles outbreaks in numerous countries – caused by gaps in routine immunisation and in mass vaccination campaigns – continue to be a serious challenge.

24 October 2016

World Polio Day a

Polio portraits: voices from the frontline of eradication

24 October marks World Polio Day, when the global community celebrates the immense progress and considers the work ahead to ensure no child suffers from polio ever again.

17 March 2016

Nusarat, a young Pakistani mother, waiting to get her child vaccinated.

Immunisation as the gateway to health: why women hold the key in Pakistan

Gavi’s Deputy CEO Anuradha Gupta reflects on gender-related barriers to immunisation in Pakistan

09 March 2016

Mothers waiting to get their children immunised at a vaccination site in an area of Lahore

Pakistan progressing on immunisation efforts

High level mission praises country’s efforts and calls for increased commitment to reach every child

12 November 2015

Gavi default item

Measles vaccination has saved an estimated 17.1 million lives since 2000

New data released by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the Measles & Rubella Initiative, estimates that 17.1 million lives have been saved since 2000, largely due to increased vaccination coverage against this highly contagious viral disease.

20 August 2015

Pakistan IPV

More than four million children per year in Pakistan to benefit from new injectable polio vaccine

Polio-endemic country takes another step towards a polio-free future as it introduces IPV into its routine immunisation programme, as part of largest globally coordinated vaccine introduction in history (joint press release Pakistan MoH, UNICEF, GPEI, WHO, Gavi).

12 August 2015


More than 200,000 Papua New Guinea children to be protected with the new polio and measles-rubella vaccines

In a landmark step to help accelerate the global eradication of polio and protect its children against measles and rubella, Papua New Guinea introduces the inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) into its routine immunisation programme and launches a nationwide measles-rubella vaccine (MR) campaign.

17 July 2015

India pentavalent scale-up 2014

New coverage figures show more children than ever being reached with immunisation in poorest countries

Coverage trends heading in right direction but major differences remain between countries.

26 June 2015

Cote d Ivoire - IPV launch

Enhanced polio protection to reach 650,000 Côte d’Ivoire children every year

Côte d’Ivoire is introducing the inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) into its routine immunisation programme.

28 April 2015

DRC Polio

More than two million Congolese children per year to be protected against polio

Democratic Republic of Congo to introduce Inactivated Polio Vaccine with Gavi and partners’ support.

23 April 2015

Gavi default item

Pakistan vaccinators' salaries

Clarification from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

20 March 2015

Bangladesh infographic

Children in Bangladesh to benefit from dual vaccine introduction

More than three million children to be protected against polio and the leading cause of pneumonia (joint press release Gavi, UNICEF, WHO, GPEI).

19 February 2015

Pakistan High-level meeting Press conference

Immunisation leaders call for increased political support for immunisation in Pakistan

High-level mission shines spotlight on challenges facing immunisation services in Pakistan.

18 September 2014

Nepal IPV

Nepal becomes first country to introduce IPV with Gavi support

Nepal is one of 25 countries who have received approval to begin using IPV with Gavi support. Afghanistan and Pakistan are also planning to introduce IPV by end of next year.

20 May 2014

Reasons to invest

Reasons to invest in the GAVI Alliance

From singers and Presidents to Ministers and advocates, GAVI Alliance supporters explain why they are backing the Alliance’s vision for 2020

18 March 2014

Atalay blog

#Moms4MDGs cites GAVI as model for global partnerships: MDG 8

Mention Polio to anyone over the age of seventy and most likely their eyes will grow wide, and they will shake their heads. Try this with your parents or grandparents and you will see what I mean.

28 February 2014

Poliomyelitis vaccination and immunization, Ethiopia

GAVI Alliance complements global polio eradication effort

Countries eligible for GAVI Alliance support invited to apply for funding for inactivated polio vaccine until 2015.

07 December 2013

PCV launch Afghanistan 1

Pneumococcal vaccine to protect more than a million children in Afghanistan from leading child killer

Pneumonia accounts for 25% of deaths of children under five in Afghanistan each year.

22 November 2013

Polio vaccine

GAVI Alliance to support introduction of inactivated polio vaccine in world’s 73 poorest countries

Alliance Board selects additional vaccines to include in its portfolio.

09 October 2013

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GAVI welcomes Canada's support for measles vaccines

GAVI welcomes Canada’s US$ 20 million pledge to accelerate access to measles vaccines.

12 August 2013

Dagfinn Høybråten in Myanmar

Equality in vaccination and the workplace - saving girls' and boys' lives one question at a time

I believe that every single child has the right to a healthy start in life, regardless of where they live, the wealth of their family and whether they are a boy or a girl.

12 July 2013

Pneumococcal vaccine

Zambia protects children against two major diseases

Pneumococcal and measles second dose vaccines to reach more than 360,000 infants in next 12 months, part of global acceleration in rollout of life-saving vaccines in developing countries.

03 June 2013

angola Pneumo

Angola begins protecting children against major killer disease

Angolan children begin receiving protection against the world’s largest killer of young children as the country introduces the pneumococcal vaccine. The introduction marks a crucial moment for child health in a country that emerged from a quarter of a century of civil war just over a decade ago.

14 May 2013

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Rotavirus leading cause of diarrhoea

The largest and most comprehensive study of childhood diarrhoea has confirmed rotavirus as the single biggest cause of diarrhoea-related death and illness in developing countries. This latest evidence suggests that a large number of children are dying from this vaccine-preventable pathogen, and supports the decision by the GAVI Alliance to prioritise rotavirus vaccines.

29 April 2013

Launch ceremony for introduction of pentavalent vaccine - Mogadishu, Somalia

On 24 April 2013, Somalia’s Ministry of Health hosted a special ceremony in Mogadishu to mark the introduction of the five-in-one pentavalent vaccine into the national routine immunisation programme. View this gallery for more pictures from the ceremony.

24 April 2013


Children in Somalia to receive new vaccination against deadly diseases

The Somali authorities launch a new five-in-one-vaccine against several potentially fatal childhood diseases, which could save thousands of lives [Somali].

23 April 2013

Immunisation in Islamic countries

To mark World Immunization Week, pictures at the GAVI Alliance's photo exhibition at the UK Houses of Parliament in London show the value of immunisation against diseases such as pneumonia, rotavirus, polio, measles and tetanus, the need for life-saving vaccines, ways in which the antigens are delivered and the challenges of delivery in four Islamic countries: Pakistan, Sudan, Zanzibar in the United Republic of Tanzania and Yemen.

11 April 2013


GAVI signs-up to Polio Declaration

Scientists, doctors, experts from 75 countries highlight achievability of polio eradication

10 January 2013


GAVI recognised for effectiveness and focus on results

In its first ever Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network (MOPAN) review the GAVI Alliance has been commended for its effectiveness in increasing access to immunisation and for its focus on results.

18 December 2012

WHO, UNICEF and GAVI condemn attacks on health workers in Pakistan

The World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and the GAVI Alliance join the Government of Pakistan and the provinces of Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in condemning the multiple attacks that have killed six health workers in the past 24 hours.

03 December 2012

Pakistan tackles top child killer - Pneumonia

Pakistan was the first county in South Asia to launch a vaccine against one of the leading cause of pneumonia among children under five. The introduction of pneumococcal vaccines is an important milestone in the fight to reduce the burden caused by pneumonia in Pakistan. The partnership between the Government of Pakistan and the GAVI Alliance – which includes UNICEF, WHO and civil society, among many other partners - to deliver this life-saving vaccine to Pakistan's children, as well as a renewed commitment to strengthening the current routine immunisation system, provides a solid foundation for a stronger, healthier nation.

29 November 2012

Dagfinn Høybråten in Tanzania

Working as partners to save lives

As I was writing my new book, my six-year-old grand daughter asked me what I was up to. I am writing my book, I said. What is it on? She asked.

28 November 2012

UNI61830 copyF

37 – Faith and the drive for equity in immunisation

Partners Forum 2012 - Session summary. Speakers presented about the unique contributions of faith based organizations, faith institutions and faith leaders, to achieving the promise of vaccines in health services delivery, community mobilization and advocacy.

28 November 2012

2012.11.08. Zanzibar 2 Jambiani South District - vaccine outreach (4) copyF

30 – Civil society: bridging communities and health systems to reach the unreached

Partners Forum 2012 - Session summary. A discussion among presenters Anne Lafond (of ARISE/JSI in the U.S.), Sharmin Zahan (of BRAC in Bangladesh), Fatima Adamu (Usmanu Danfodyo University in Nigeria) and Lubna Hashmat (Civil Society Human and Institutional Development Program in Pakistan), who uniformly made the case for strengthening the engagement of all stakeholders in countries’ EPI programs (Expanded Program on Immunization) in order to reach the most marginalized populations with immunization.

28 November 2012

Panel 12_PR09_page_36_WHO_Thomas_Moran copyF

16 – RISING up! Advocacy for immunisation

Partners Forum 2012 - Session summary. This session explored successful methods and tools of advocacy and policy change in the immunization arena.

28 November 2012


01 – CSO Forum 'All Together Now': civil society and GAVI partners RISE up in cooperation

Partners Forum 2012 - Session summary. The CSO session brought together civil society and other participants attending the GAVI Partners’ Forum.

12 November 2012


Vaccines to prevent pneumonia deaths reaching poor countries in record time

A vaccine against the leading cause of pneumonia is protecting millions more children in developing countries, according to figures compiled to mark the fourth World Pneumonia Day.

24 October 2012

World Polio Day

World Polio Day

There’s a lot to celebrate this World Polio Day. In all but three countries of the world, polio has been eradicated with the support of WHO and its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. This year, fewer children (171) have been paralyzed by this crippling virus, in fewer parts of the world than ever before.

09 October 2012


Pakistan is first South Asian country to launch vaccine against childhood pneumonia

Mir Hazar Khan Bijrani, Minister, Inter Provincial Committee (IPC) announces the introduction of a new vaccine to protect Pakistani children from pneumonia – a disease that takes the lives of approximately 1.3 million children globally before their fifth birthday.

09 October 2012

Pakistan pneumococcal vaccine introduction

EPI officials, GAVI's Deputy CEO Helen Evans and Mir Hazar Khan Bijaroni, Minister of the Inter Provincial Committee, talk about the impact of Pakistan's rollout of the pneumococcal vaccine and the difficulties of ensuring all children are protected from pneumonia.

09 October 2012

Gavi item

Freezing cold in Pakistan, with a heart-warming story to tell

As I stood in the sub-zero temperatures of Islamabad’s vaccine storage room, surrounded by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of doses of pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCV), I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

28 September 2012

Gavi item

Vaccines and ensuring the health of children no matter where they live

As world leaders gather this week at the General Assembly in New York, I'm encouraged by the focus on children's health alongside other pressing global issues.

14 June 2012

Hillary Clinton-Child Survival Call to Action

Hillary Clinton, birthplace should not affect survival of a child

Addressing a gathering of global leaders on child and maternal health, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton describes the child mortality gap between rich and poor countries as "shocking".

14 June 2012

sierra leone-jembe-village

Child Survival Call to Action, conference goal

High-level conference on child survival kicks-off with a goal of ending all preventable child deaths around the world in a generation.

13 June 2012

Rubella Laos 10

GAVI boosts global response to measles outbreaks

New investment tops year of progress in providing world's poorest children with equitable access to life-saving vaccines.

10 May 2012

Nilgun Myanmar 2

Diary of a vaccine monitor

As a programme officer with the GAVI Alliance, Nilgun Aydogan is responsible not only for helping south Asian countries apply for funding to introduce life-saving vaccines but also for monitoring the effectiveness of their immunisation programmes.

24 April 2012

5th Birthday Campaign

USAID’s Shah calls for zero preventable deaths

Launching the “Every Child Deserves a Fifth Birthday” social media campaign in Washington,  the head of the United States Agency for International Development gives a sneak peek of his vision for a world with zero child deaths from preventable diseases.

12 January 2012

India polio free

India's progress on polio highlights potential of immunisation

Statement by GAVI Alliance CEO, Seth Berkley MD on India's success in staying free of polio for a year and its renewed commitment to immunisation.

24 October 2011

World Polio Day - Nepal 2008

Polio eradication will highlight the power of immunisation

Feared for centuries because of the death and paralysis it causes, polio is finally on the edge of eradication.

21 October 2011

World Polio Day - India 2008

World Polio Day: Reflecting on a 2003 experience of polio in India

When the news came through in Andhra Pradesh that we had our first polio case for seven years, I was advising the state government on introducing hepatitis B and Japanese encephalitis vaccines.

26 January 2011

Bill Gates and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

GAVI welcomes a new global commitment to vaccines

A new partnership marking broader global collaboration around vaccines injects needed funding into the GAVI Alliance's efforts to help save millions of children and hopefully inspires other philanthropists to invest in childhood immunisation programmes.

14 September 2010

IFRC advocacy report 2010 cover

The unfinished business of immunisation

New vaccines against the pneumococcal bacteria and rotavirus could save more than one million children's lives each year, but a US$ 4 billion gap in funding threatens these and other immunisation programmes, a report published jointly today by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the GAVI Alliance, said.

23 August 2010

GAVI offers sympathies to Pakistan

With 1,500 dead and 15 million people directly affected by Pakistan's worst ever floods, I would like to convey GAVI's deepest condolences to the Pakistani people.

15 January 2009

Bangladesh introduces new vaccine to prevent severe forms of child pneumonia and meningitis

Today, Bangladesh introduces a new combination vaccine that will protect its children against five killer diseases in one injection, including, for the first time, the deadly bacterium Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) that causes some severe forms of pneumonia and meningitis.

28 June 2007

Hib vaccine - critical in Asia's effort to reduce child deaths

New study shows Hib vaccine protects children from significant burden of life-threatening pneumonia and meningitis.

04 October 2005

Immunization maintains strong performance made in last quarter century

Immunization at the global level has progressed very well during the past 25 years, but further increases in coverage would save the lives of millions more who do not yet benefit from this protection, said a group of immunization partners at the World Vaccine Congress in Lyon, France.

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