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Vaccinating people with disabilities in Kashmir

In Kashmir, a disability welfare organisation is ensuring that people with disabilities are not left behind.

“I didn’t give up”: Kashmir’s vaccinators brave the harsh winter

Snow and freezing conditions are not deterring Kashmir’s health workers from getting vaccines to the people.

The animators of Nilgiri: Authorities turn to NGOs to bridge the trust gap in India

NGOs and local community leaders have helped turn the tide when it comes to vaccinations in the Nilgiri hills.

Transgender and disabled communities leading the fight against the pandemic in Chennai

In the Indian city of Chennai, transgender and disabled communities have led the way in raising awareness of vaccination.

The fair price shops of Uttar Pradesh, India

Uttar Pradesh’s fair price shops are helping improve vaccination rates amongst marginalised sections of the community.

How do you vaccinate the world’s second largest country?

Despite the size of both the country and its population, India has vaccinated over three-quarters of adults against COVID-19. How has it managed it?

“Corona Warriors”: The Asha workers of Uttar Pradesh

Asha Workers are the backbone of rural health infrastructure in India. Since the pandemic began, they have been actively involved in educating and helping people cope with the effects of COVID19.

India versus Omicron: How the country’s third COVID-19 wave might unfold

Daily COVID-19 cases have been rising fast, so how well protected is India’s population against Omicron?

Slipping through the cracks: Urban under-immunisation on Bengaluru’s margins

In 2020, 16 million children in lower-income countries did not receive the third dose of their basic childhood vaccines. 12.4 million of them didn’t even receive their first dose. Despite a perception that missed children typically belong to hard…

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